Tony Hawk: Proving Ground Hands On

PSU recently had the privilege to visit the Neversoft Studio and get hands on time with the next Tony Hawk game, Proving Ground, and they got some good stuff to share.

Rodney Mullen Interview included...

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chasegamez5090d ago

im not buying no ea games
because they have no respect 4 the ps3

Waffle-boy5090d ago

Number of things are wrong here, lets examine your post:
1. This is off-topic. EA has nothing to do with Tony Hawks Proving Ground.
2. You dont know squat about whether or not EA has respect for anything, you are just assuming this probably because they make their games for Xbox 360 first, apparently.
3. Your grammar appears to be of the bad sort. This can be used to prove that you are a bit ignorant, or at least is a bit of a short-term-thinker.

Also, it appears that you are a PS3 fanboy, which makes your assumptions greatly tainted and not trustworthy.

MK_Red5090d ago

The big problem I have withy both Tony Hawk PG and Skate is that both their graphics look a bit low for next-gen standards. Why don't they use crowed cities or more detailed textures? The levels feel so empty...

Waffle-boy5090d ago

I think they both look really good, except i dont like the shaders they use for characters in Tony Hawk at all. They look a bit weird. This was also the case in THP8.

InMyOpinion5090d ago

I think Skate looks better at least. Tony looks just like the last game, which sucked. It's too over the top. I even think Skate looks to be a bit over the top, I was hoping it would be more of a skateboarding simulator. I'm excited about giving the demo ago. Next week?

Waffle-boy5090d ago

Demo comes out Tuesday at 11 AM GMT+1

UltimateTroll5090d ago

What is this Tony Hawks time to die? Come on there suking the life out this genre!

jinn5089d ago

my eyes are on the game skate