Playstation Move Bundle Tells Wii – You’re Going Down

"One thing that Sony needs to provide is a game system for both kids and adults with added features to build upon. Described as the world’s most accurate motion gaming experience, the Playstation Move offers Blu-Ray gaming, a built in hard drive, internet browser and Wi-Fi, as well as an option to join the Playstation Network where movies and games can be downloaded. Best of all, once we have the Playstation Move Bundle we can now let our actions control the game. Action speaks louder than words and Playstation fully intends to knock Wii off its pedestal."

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Stealth Disagreer3418d ago

Yeah sorry not gonna make a dent in the wii sales whether you like it or not

mikeslemonade3418d ago

You're dumb because the Wii sales have already gone lower without the release of the Move. When Move comes out it's an alternative to the Wii.