Is the Wii Under-Achieving?

Clearly, people are ignoring their Wiis. Which brings us back to the question: why? Surely that there isn’t just one reason for why our white, plastic buddy constantly seems to be ignored. But one factor that definitely think deserves a second look is the Wii’s lack of any kind of console-wide achievement system.

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Stealth Disagreer3428d ago

If achievements or trophies or lack of them are the reasons you arent playing your games or playing them then you should just stop playing video games and go play sudoku or something with numbers idk lmfao

GuruStarr783428d ago

Acheivements would be nice, I guess.....but for myself, it really doesnt cause me to go back to a game, there is so much new stuff coming out on all three consoles, theres not enough time to go back to old games.....

For the Wii, I just finished metroid other M, the next game I will probably play is Zelda, in between that time there is alot of great stuff coming to PS3 and XBOX 360.....

theonlylolking3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

It needs better games, achievements, hd support(never will happen for the wii), graphics that are not outdated, not overpriced peripherals, and better online(less hacking)

Xander-RKoS3427d ago

As shallow and meaningless I think the point of achievements and trophies are, I think this article has a point. The in-game achievements in wii games never sold me on the product, but did provide a certain goals to set myself up for.

I think I heard somewhere that the 3DS is planning on implementing an achievements system, so it would seem like Nintendo is considering it.

Shnazzyone3427d ago

It seems that hd owners have to spend so much on their HD games that they have forgotten there is lots of awesome cheap games for the wii. They treat the system like a redheaded stepchild regardless of how much it offers right now and will be offering soon.

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