15 Playstation games I missed out on because I chose the N64

Examiner writes: "14 years ago, I convinced my older brother to buy a Nintendo 64 at launch. He was working and I was a brat who was still in middle school. He wanted a Playstation because it was CD-based and had a lot of promising games down the pipepline. The Nintendo 64 had a sure thing in Super Mario 64 but not much else. It was a tough sell, but I won, and it would have a lasting effect on my taste in video games."

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HydraxFFx3422d ago

That said I still never missed out on the PSX big hitters, in-fact I have played and beaten almost half of your list in the past 5 years. Theres always time for retro games, check out some PSX emulators.

Aclay3422d ago

I completely agree with this guy for wanting Einhander on the U.S. PSN Store, and just like him I've only played the demo (and still have it, lol)...I literally played that demo to death countless times.

I wish Sony would bring back franchises like Tomba, Medievil, Blasto, and Jersey Devil from the PS1 era to the PS3 as full fledged sequels...I've always thought they were some pretty great platformers on the PS1, but I don't see them mentioned often. They would probably be great PSP titles too, because there aren't a whole lot of platformers/adventure games like those on the PSP that I can think of.

iamnsuperman3422d ago

This has just made me want to play Rayman again.....please Sony put the original on the PSN store

theonlylolking3421d ago

True to that playstation 1 > N64