Tactical Insertion boosting problem crushed in Call of Duty: Black Ops

The tactical insertion in Modern Warfare 2 is known mainly for one thing amongst players online: boosting. The epidemic known as boosting is quite generally frowned upon in the online community and to some players it can be put into the same category as cheating. So, last week when videos from the Black Ops multiplayer reveal appeared showing the tactical insertion in action, viewers became some range of angry or irritated. Why oh why would the developers over at Treyarch add this monstrosity of an equipment into this game, didn’t they see what it had done in Modern Warfare 2? With the games release date arriving quickly, the people over at Treyarch felt the need to address this issue and hopefully lower a couple of pitchforks.

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JohnnyBadfinger3427d ago

The game has its OWN reporting system? i dont like the sound of that.

All ready that idea is majorly flawed because most gamers are arseholes, and dont like being beaten, whats to stop people from making false reports just because they are completely out classed by another player?

Being able to cancel a insertion doesnt stop people from boosting, it mearly gives you the option to cancel selected spawn, something which boosters will opt out of and continue to spawn in the same place to get their buddy the top kill streak.

Would rather they bin tactical insertion and re introduce a more realistic commando perk.

Wobbuffet3426d ago

The hackers and glitchers always find a way to exploit the system, this will be no different.

The_Count3426d ago

I'm impressed so far. IMO Treyarch have been better than at Infinity Ward at keeping on top of things in their games. I hope they continue to do so because no doubt hackers will find new exploits.

xAlmostPro3426d ago

whats not to like about it?.. im pretty sure theres measures to stob people abusing the report function, it will be pretty obvious when one guy keeps reporting people.. or when a whole party keep reporting..

i think you've also misunderstood the tactical insertion thing, the cancel thing is to stop legit users dying twice in a row.. so i lay it a guy kills me he sees my insertion & waits..i cancel it in the killcam and respawn as normal..

its also disabled for use in public free for all matches so there wount be many boosters will there? its not often they go into other game modes

NarooN3426d ago

You won't have to worry about false reports because of the game's theater mode - every match gets recorded automatically anyway.

r1sh123426d ago

lol yea..
People will just report others simply because some players are significantly better.
The stupid thing, even if people are boosting and they get reported for it, its not against the terms of use for XBL and PSN, so how can they just ban people?
I guarantee they will just have to disable it as a whole.
I actually use tac inserts when playing CTF, just so I can spawn near the flag I need to take.

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xYLeinen3426d ago

I like how boosting is labeled as an epidemic >_>

xAlmostPro3426d ago

well it sort of is, isn't it?.. you join a free for all only to realise 2 boosters(who have paid for a game to not play it) are winning.. and killing you with the airsupport they got through cheating?.. but no your right, it hardly ruins the game for people who want to play legit

xYLeinen3426d ago

Not sure if you can label it as cheating, because in theory it really is not. It's exploiting and exploiting is legal since you are using in game mechanics provided by the developers.

BX813426d ago

I think hardcore gamers re guard it as cheating! There are certain unspoken rules in gaming that must be followed imo.

HarryMonogenis3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Well, when every Free-For-All game in Modern Warfare 2 has boosters popping open Tactical Insertions, it should be labelled as an epidemic..

MiloGarret3426d ago

Played free-for-all in mw2 lately? 8/10 lobbies will have at least one pair of boosters. Guaranteed.

I only play free-for-all when I play MW2 and all I ever seem to do is kill boosters. It's ridiculous. I might add that it's actually fun to hunt these sad kids down, as long as you accept that it's going to happen and you're prepared for it.

4pocalyps33426d ago

They start moaning and saying "What you doing?! You're ruining everything!" Ahhh...their tears brings me joy >: D

DrillaKid3426d ago

Same here, and the funny thing is Barebones didnt help since i found just as much boosters in FFA w/o killstreaks.

mcnablejr3426d ago

who has ANYTHING bad to say about this article is CLEARLY a booster.

tdrules3426d ago

the only way to get rid of boosters is remove ranking and unlocks.
boosters will ALWAYS find a way

BX813426d ago

Good point! I can't remember if halo 2 had a ranking system. Not that I can recall and that game was fun as hell!

claterz3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"The game has a reporting system. Report boosters and let’s make examples of them. Once you lay the ban hammer on enough bad people word will get around that we don’t take too kindly to this sort of thing."

How about you just take out tactical insertion and stop expecting gamers to do Microsoft's job of banning cheaters?

"It also solves a problem. A lot of you are super convinced you can make a better spawn system than we can. That’s cool. So, here you go. Here is Tac Insert. Pick your own spawn point and stop yelling at me."

This guy sounds like a right ass hole, the spawning can be easily fixed by using symmetrical maps like 90% of the ones in CoD4, each team has a side of the map, once one of the teams pushes passed and takes that side, spawn the other team on the opposite side, that's what infinity ward tried to do with Mw2 but it didnt work because the maps were too random. A better option would be to use the BFBC2 spawn system, it works perfectly because you can see whether or not it is a crowded area, so if someone dies just after spawning they can't blame the game.

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