Sony boss on Move vs. Kinect, PS3 and PlayStation sales

Sony on Thursday called out the 15th anniversary of the PlayStation, which will be marked by a series of promotions on the PlayStation Network.

It comes as Sony is about to launch the Move motion control system for the PlayStation 3, setting up a holiday sales battle with Microsoft's upcoming Kinect system for the Xbox 360.

Sony said it sold more than 377 million PlayStation consoles and more than 2 billion software units since the line debuted in 1995. In the U.S., PlayStation sales are more than $63 billion over the last 15 years, or about 40 percent of the overall video game market during that period, the company said in its release.

Full Interview on link.

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T9X693427d ago

"Are you going to spend more promoting Move than Microsoft spends on Kinect?

I don't think we'll ever outspend Microsoft."

lol that's funny.

DasBunker3427d ago

what was that? sales? sorry too busy playing games to care.

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number473427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

So classy.

Wonder what mud slinging greenberg will do.

goldensfree3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

No one can spend like ms lol

seems like the ps3 is gonna hold firm at 299 for the holidays.

"We're pretty comfortable with $299. We feel like it's a true sweet spot. Since we announced that last year, we've been challenged to keep the PlayStation in stock."

no doubt their prety happy to b makin a profit on the units now and they are selling. Wouldnt hold my breath for a price drop anytime soon tho a big boost for plus im sure n moves gonna b interesting ta watch. Lets see how many wii fans are looking at the hd plunge this year XD

deadie3427d ago

"Are you going to spend more promoting Move than Microsoft spends on Kinect?"

"I don't think we'll ever outspend Microsoft."

^^ haha this quote is so true - classic!

Why o why3427d ago

in advertising and promotion....Fixed

We outspend them in developing new ip's, studio acquisitions and the upkeep of the studios we have relationships with whether owned or not. ....Truth

DigitalRaptor3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Microsoft is a hype marketing machine and will give up their integrity and fanbase to focus on more profit. When you're in the business of entertainment, that is just wrong.

gamerzBEreal173426d ago

can you believe they made a article on that one thing and it reached over a thousand degrees

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SCEA_RULES3427d ago

no playstation phone this year according to interview

The real killer3427d ago

Mobile device is not meaning only Mobile phone ;)

Shaymin3427d ago

How are you going to celebrate the PlayStation anniversary internally?

"Several big cakes. It's hard to make cake for 1,800 people."

I wish I was their rite now

Paradise Lost3427d ago

Would be awesome for a playstation phone but it's alright!


Clearly he had a chance to bash the Kinect for being inferior to move in terms of flexibility, but he just took the high road. Microsoft would try to belittle the opponent as they always do. Just like apple it seems that they try to use money to bully and destroy the competition and hype their faulty products. Halo reach is just Halo 3 with new maps and guns but the masses will eat it up due to adds that dont even show gameplay. The truth is that in terms of quality, Games, and value, the Ps3 dominates... not that Xbox is bad but the PS3 is better. But thats just my opinion I am not saying this is fact.

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The story is too old to be commented.