Hacked PS3's gain universal remoteplay functionality

Ever wish that you could have a game of modern warfare 2 from the comfort of your bathroom :D
Well now you can via your psp, well If you don't mind playing offline that is.


It has come to my attention that was the original source.

Follow the link for more info:

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Dramscus3427d ago

Consumers getting nerfed hackers getting buffed.

Cevapi883427d ago

umm did people forget that you need to be online to make Remote Play work...the two systems need to connect to one idk how this will work when sony will see that your ps3 has been tampered with when you connect to the PSN

T9X693427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

It has nothing to do with "tampering" with the PS3, its all software related.

No you don't, if you read the article it tells you that you connect them through FTP servers, and you edit the PARAM.SFO file to enable Remote Play while being offline. It doesn't say anything about having an older firmware update, so as long as you don't sign in to PSN, even with the current firmware, it will still work.

Cevapi883427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

you still need to be online...and there is no way of getting around a FW update when you try and connect to PSN


i see...i thought you had to be online for all of this to work while reading the article....bubbles for you...thanks for the info

Weaksauce11383427d ago

Yay for hackers enabling a feature Sony abandonded. Seriously every PSN game should allow remoteplay unless it requires 2 analog sticks. PixelJunk is the only company I know that actually uses this great feature religiously!

Apocwhen3427d ago

Do pixeljunk allow it for Pixeljunk Shooter?
I thought I tried Remote play with it at one time but it wasn't supported. Would be great if it is.

duplissi3426d ago

if you are on your own network you DO NOT need to be online (i do it all the time), but obviously if want to remote play away from your home network then yeah you need to be online... really guys, do some research before you assert shit as facts.

inveni03426d ago

The feature is obviously there and functional. If there's a PSP2 with dual analog sticks, then I'm sure RemotePlay will start to see more love.

GodsHand3426d ago

Negative, you dont have to be online to use remote play. I use it to play certain games such as High Stakes Poker, or pixel junk Monsters, using remote play. The only thing you need to do is register the device to one another, and make sure you have wifi enable on the PSP, and PS3.

The only time you need to be online, is if you are trying to access the PS3 from another location, that your wifi on the PS3 does not have the range to transmit the signal.

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Arnon3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Found this on youtube.

Cevapi883427d ago

so it is true...thanks for the vid

tretle3427d ago

I know, It makes me wonder why it wasn't enabled by Sony in the first place.

zeeshan3427d ago

You know that is the first thing that came to my mind as well! It could be such a sweetttt features!


Quickly! Someone start a conspiracy of how Sony want you to buy to versions of the same game, one for PS3, other for PSP! /S

Just like custom soundtrack, the deature IS THERE. It's up to devs to use. Most ignore it simply because PS3 controller scheme isn't compatible to PSP controller scheme. There is ways to adapt to PSP controls and connectivity rightly, but again, most devs avoid the hassle. Also, as the PSP is limited to stream what PS3 is processing to it's scream (cloud gaming) and have to send the imput back, it's usually a laggy experience, so, again, not worthy it.

Obviously, some devs that put out really similar games on consoles and handhelds, also want you to buy both versions, but most games don't even spam versions to both PS3 and PSP, so most wouldn't even be able to profit from it.

I love how this hackers only cared to develop backup manager (a piracy app) to start selling USB Jailbreaks, but when they got blocked they all of a sudden want to show people how many marvellous things they could of have done with PS3 homebrew, with features Sony supposedly locked... PS2 BC, PSP full remote play, etc...

It's always the same shit, when GeoHot was about to hack PS3 through OtherOS, everyone just talked about getting free games, how GeoHot could install custom FW modified from original PS3 FW that avoided security measures... But when Sony took alway the OtherOS feature people complained that it could have raised a homebrew scene (despite the fact that OtherOS was already a homebrew enabled platform for PS3 hardware, like if you install any linux PPC distro and develop apps to run on PS3, you could even develop your own PPC OS).

This kids should man up and cut the lame excuses, all the smartpants care about is free games. They never wanted homebrew (OtherOS was completelly ignored by homebrew community), PS2 BC (they already have a PS2 with a modchip and a bucket full of pirated games) nor PSP full remote play (cause after PSP, SNES, NES, Genesis and PS1roms that was the one thing they couldn't piratemulate on Pandora'ed PSPs - streamed pirated PS3 games).

TotalPS3Fanboy3427d ago

"I know, It makes me wonder why it wasn't enabled by Sony in the first place."

Because it doesn't work all games and Sony doesn't want people bad mouthing about how much Remote Play sucks because out of all the games, 5 games doesn't work.

tretle3427d ago

So fix the five games. I doubt that's the reason though.

I would assume its because of the lack of second analog stick on the psp.
Or maybe as bishop-br pointed out, they want to sell you the same game twice. I wouldn't classify it as a conspiracy theory if you have some idea of the mentality behind corporations.

TotalPS3Fanboy3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

because it's up to the developers and the developers are not willing to put the time in and patch it.

That and the 2nd analog stick problem.

Mr_Bun3426d ago

Most games don't work as it is...How would enabling all but "5" make things worse?

badz1493426d ago

that's the biggest problem! and OMG, my PSP doesn't have 2nd analog stick!! most games use that nowadays and do you think it's worth it for dev to sacrifice some buttons so you can play their games on PSP? think again!

AuToFiRE3427d ago

we will see a lot of interesting and creative hacks from this, im sure sony will hire a few people to come up wiht the programs for the unhacked ps3s

tretle3427d ago

If you look at it from the games developers perspective this has very little to do with programming and more to do with enabling a feature in a config file.
Game developers seamed to have had the ability to enable this all along and they chose to ignore it. Its a pity.

tretle3427d ago

#1 - The hack has not been out long enough for developers to start pumping out stuff. So your comment about the hacking community is insincere as you are judging everybody for homebrew(backup manager) which the original creators of psjailbreak wrote.
#2 Its not features that could have been done, its features which have/are being done.
#3 OtherOS was not ignored, it ran on a hypervisor without full access to the hardware(rsx graphics) and was crippled performance wise. The hacker community worked on getting software rendering in gallium3d on linux and also ported other distributions as originally it was just yellow dog linux which was supported. Your statement is completely wrong.

xg-ei8ht3427d ago

Don't update whatever you do.

Thehammer is coming down, 2 friends have been banned not only on PSN, but for total online. It's been shut down.

Weaksauce11383427d ago

Ahh anecdotal internet evidence, how i love thee. I have 2 friends who have not only been banned from PSN, but from Earth itself. They game offline now, in a low circulating orbit.

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