Lost Innovations of the MMO

"I’ve seen so many good things [in MMOs] over the years, but I never see them repeated. No inspired systems, not even a poorly done rip off. It’s made me pretty bitter towards WoW and all who play it. Its popularity has stunted the growth of the genre as so many games attempt to clone WoW’s success, rather than find the next good thing. What follows are all the concepts that left an impression on me, that have become my measuring stick for applying value to every MMO I attempt today."

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Valay3426d ago

Haven't been into MMOs much. I mostly like single-player games and the occasional online bout.

Xanatos20003426d ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I believe in Bioware

halo4fan3426d ago

I play WoW and even I know it's repetitive. It's part of the fun, oddly.

boogeyman9993426d ago

People need to speak with their money. No matter how much you may hate it, WoW is popular.

giantchicken3426d ago

Also hard to try new things when you have to charge per month to keep servers going.