Why Nintendo Needs to Fix the Wii Online Network

Nearly everything Nintendo releases is simplified so it can be used by everyone. This includes people who have no interest in games. The cross-platform games released on Wii tend to be dumbed-down versions of what they were on other systems, the controls are easy to figure out, and most Nintendo exclusives are easy to figure out.

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jaredhart3422d ago

Wii online is a joke. That's why my girlfiend has my wii and I use my Xbox 360 and PS3.

CaptainMarvelQ83422d ago

your girl is a joke?
i just understood it that way

Stealth Disagreer3422d ago

I interpreted it as his right hand always has a grip on his Wii

ChickeyCantor3422d ago

You 2 are reading my mind.

Nostradavis3422d ago

maybe, or maybe you suck.

CrzyFooL3422d ago

Yes, I suck, that's why nobody uses Wii online.

Sandwich Bender3422d ago

Coincidentally, my Xbox Live gamertag is a randomly chosen 16-digit number.

No, not really.

greeneggsnsam3422d ago

My gamertag was forged from the depths of Mordor.

Also my mummy told me I'm not allowed to play Modern Warfare 2 with anyone except my friend Josh.

jaredhart3422d ago

Momma always said Modern Warfare 2 is the devil.

LBD_Nytetrayn3422d ago

I don't care much about gaming online. However, if this had a better system for it, I might care more. Funny how that works.

Shoko3422d ago

Coming from a Wii fan, the online (feature-wise) does suck xD

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The story is too old to be commented.