NPD Results, August 2010: Industry Down Ten Percent In Summer Doldrums

The NPD Group has announced its tracking results for U.S. video game industry sales in August, showing overall revenues for the industry dropping ten percent compared to the same month last year.

Overall industry sales for the month were down $91.4 million from last year, to $818.9 million for the month. Hardware sales dropped five percent ($14.7 million) year-over-year to $282.9 million for the month, while software sales were down 14 percent ($67.7 million) to $403.5 million. Accessory sales were down six percent, while sales of portable hardware and software were down sharply, seeing a 25 percent drop.

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Emmettcelticfan3416d ago

guess it's time for all the trolls and fanboys to start this fire. hope you have the hose ready

NSG3416d ago

Why? Everyone except Nintendo did fairly well.

The Xbox 360 reigned on top, but with the recent Slim release as well as the 4GB model, who didn't see that coming?

The PS3 was the only console to see YoY growth so an even bigger plus to Sony.

Emmettcelticfan3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

NSG I direct you to the person below (ingiomar)

ipwnall3416d ago


It's alright. While they complain, whine or celebrate because of numbers, we'll be enjoying these games.

scofios3416d ago

@Droid Smasha  
That's what nintendo is thinking .

corneliuscrust3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

"The PS3 was the only console to see YoY growth so an even bigger plus to Sony."

Did you read this part?

"Frazier notes that while month-to-month sales for the Xbox 360 were down, the Xbox 360 actually achieved significant year-over-year gains"

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MrAwesome3416d ago

*sighs*Here comes the monthly De-Ja-Vu*sighs again*

Strikepackage Bravo3416d ago

HOLY CRAP 360 is a beast, what is going on!?!

You know its got to be doing well in the EU as well, this is not isolated to just the USA, Canada, UK, AU and Mexico.

user39158003416d ago

Look I have 2 PS3 and 4 360, bottom line, 360 is better not cause of hardware, because its the best system this gen with its offers,very few software that i buy for my PS3 like FFXIII and a bunch of PS3 only, but if the system software comes out for both then the software will be bought for the 360, Why? cause the software its more reliable on 360. Ps3 great for blue ray, but in my eyes not too big deal from DVD except more storage. Im not comparing system, im simply saying that you will get more better quality on 360 and the US its the main territory cause this is were all the good things comes first and the public responds to it, I wish it was sony, but its not that way, so eat from the pie and be happy. Wii, well lets just said that I have one laying around with no use.

Dojan1233416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Why so many 360's? I understand the PS3 for blue ray in two rooms. I even can understand 2 360 for differnet rooms but 4?

pimpmaster3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )


look, i like the 360 also and choose it as my favorite console, but seriously , FU microsoft. what are you trying to do with ur comment ,sell more units somehow? give it a rest the people here are all ps3 fanboys.

kaveti66163416d ago

Aside from Halo and Gears, there's not a single series on 360 that interests me anymore. Sorry, but how can you say that the 360 offers more this gen when Sony has been pumping out so many exclusives this year? And with Mass Effect going to PS3, the only reason I'll have for turning on my 360 is to play Reach, will be fantastic, granted, but come on.

edhe3416d ago

Possibly has a couple or a few kids who play with him.

corneliuscrust3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I am in the same boat as you exactly.

My roommate and I both have 360s and ps3s and then we have a Wii and a 360 in the living room for guests and media streaming.

I LOVE the ps3's exclusives. Absolutely incredible.

But everything else I buy for 360 because of the way it is setup and the infrastructure of XBL (in game network music streaming, cross chat, party, cross game invites, etc). I end up spending most of my time on the 360, but that doesn't mean I could live without my PS3 :D

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pimpmaster3416d ago

80k for the psp across all the US?? just needs to axe it. well, looks like psp turned out to be a flop. thanks dark alex lol

edhe3416d ago

It would've been dead long ago if it wasn't for modding & """homebrew&quo t;""

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ingiomar3416d ago ShowReplies(6)
callahan093416d ago

Damn, 360 has been selling like crazy in the States lately.

Shaymin3416d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ivan Drago IV3416d ago

Still can't figure out why software attach rate for the 360 is stagnate. Madden 11 was only 20,000 units between the ps3 and 360. Remember guys, devs look at software attach rates not console sales and lately Sony has been gaining major ground on the 360 in that department.

Unicron3416d ago

While I won't go as far as to assume it denotes that many purchasers of the system are repeat buyers, it does make one wonder in this case. Madden is a huge title.

ndibu3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

4 xbox 360 games in top 10
2 ps3 games in top 10
Xbox versions of said games all ranking above ps3 counter parts.
Got it? Good.
@john. I'll put it so you understand. Xbox 360 has 3 other games in the top 10 and ps3 has only 1. Ps3 fanboys claim the reason ps3 games do not sell is because of variety. However it seems the only consoled exercising variety is xbox because 4 > 2. What is also funny is that the xbox versions of those 2 games still beat their ps3 counterparts.
You've got a degree in engineering, such logic should be second nature to you. Tsk tsk tsk

Megaton3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I won't pretend to know what percentage are actually repeat buyers, but the 3 people I know with the new slim are all repeat buyers. I think the very small Madden gap is an indicator that repeat buyers might make up a good chunk of slim owners. Something I'd keep my eye on, if any of this mattered to me.

air13416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

isnt the ps3 just 3 million behind? why would you expect millions over the ps3 version? since when did we use one game to calculate the attach rate?

i know 3 ppl that already had a ps3 and still got a slim. so what does that mean?

Nemo883416d ago

...the gap is more like 10million behind.. which sony makes up in APAC and EMEA

The Lazy One3416d ago

@"Remember guys, devs look at software attach rates"

no they don't. They look at sales. Period. Selling 20 million copies of a game to a console with 500 million console sales will still make you more money than selling 5 copies of a game to a console with 5 consoles sold.

Nemo883416d ago

Its late but im sure attach rate is still a useful metric.. like indicating how active the client base is.. average spend.. how much dlc could be bought etc which is relevant to a company

edhe3416d ago

Madden was close - but the 360 had several other titles in the top 10, ps3 didn't.

don't judge attach rate on one niche game.

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