Saw II: Flesh and Blood box art revealed

The official box art has been revealed for the upcoming Saw II: Flesh and Blood.

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jay23417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Can't wait for this and the next movie.

Edit Oh awsome, it's coming out on October 19th?
Oh ok I didn't know that, REALLY can't wait now

MasterChief36243417d ago

The end of an era. SAW has been a huge part of my life, and it's going to be sad to see it end. But if SAW VII is even half as epic as SAW VI, I think we'll be getting one hell of a finale.

As for this game, I still don't appreciate the direction they're taking with these games. The estranged son of Detective Tapp? Really? D: Thank God the SAW games aren't canon with the actual saga.

And that boxart is pretty repulsive... I liked the simplicity and ominousness of Billy the Puppet's face as the cover for the first game. The cover for this one looks to be... just... bleck. :( Still picking it up, though, to show my pride in the SAW series.

Long live SAW! :D

DigitalRaptor3417d ago

As really visceral horror films they're great and the entire saga and storyline is really well put together. I love the plot twists at the end of each one. But i've found that some of the later films have been worse.

Still really good films though, and hopefully VII will be a shocker.. in 3D!!!! =D

I need to catch up on them, so I'm gonna watch them all again before the finale!

jay23417d ago

Saw 8's coming out, they've come up with a new idea for the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MasterChief36243417d ago

The story goes likes this: Before SAW VI came out, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan had stories in mind for SAW VII and SAW VIII. They were planning on going up SAW VIII, with VII and VIII coming together to be "a two-movie grand finale".

However, after the extremely poor box office return of SAW VI (at least, in comparison to the rest of the series), they decided to cut it down to just SAW VII. SAW VIII was no longer in the cards. The abysmal DVD sales of SAW VI have certainly not inspired confidence, either.

As far as anyone can tell, the story seems to be sticking true for everyone: SAW VII is the last SAW. Yes, you could easily write it off as just another marketing tool, so they can get the maximum business possible.. but I'm pretty sure this isn't a poker face. This is the genuine last film, at least in this saga (who knows when a remake or reboot will come along D: ).

Now Betsy Russell did say something about SAW VII not being the last one. In an interview a couple months ago, she did say something along those lines, but according to several sources, she was mistaking information. She was taking the information about there originally being a SAW VIII in mind, and mistakenly taking it for a fact that that's how far they will definitely be going.

So as far as anyone can see, where all the signs are pointing: SAW VII is the last SAW.

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BlackTar1873417d ago

i expected look forward to this game

T9X693417d ago

I agree, I thought it was going to be all around shit, but actually the only bad part about the game was the melee combat. The rest was pretty solid IMO, it was definitely a fun game to play.

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