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Microsoft: 360 HD-DVD drive will be cheapest

While most hardcore gamers believe it's the games that will win the next-gen console war, others believe it will come down to something entirely different--movie playback. Sony has been banking on the PlayStation 3's integrated Blu-ray drive to move its console, and Microsoft has countered with an external HD-DVD drive, set to go on sale later this year.

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ASTAROTH5427d ago

THANKS cause I believe is not a good move by microsof. No matter how cheap it is compared to stand alone HD players, ITS SLILL AN EXPESINVE ACCESORY FOR MY 360.

The Real Deal5427d ago

Thats the point. Its an OPTION for those who want it. Thats the exact reason why they didn't include it in the 360 to begin with. Everyone would have been forced to pay for it in the higher price of the 360. Not everyone wants to watch hd dvd's yet. So smart move MS to make it an option for those that do. And more affordable option at that.

Marriot VP5427d ago

that's the point, see with the 360 you will actually find out how mnay people want the HD drive for the extra 200 or so. My guess on the price will be 180, that way they can say it's less than the ps3 600.

The point here is choice, something Sony doesn't give consumers so they can make money with their rebel format.

agent8645427d ago

The ps3 20G model is $499 and is closest to the Xbox 360 premium at $399. The PS3 20G matches the 360 premium feature for feature (and then some) and includes the bluray drive. So its $100 more for the inclusion of the bluray drive. "Not interested in HD Movies" you say. Well the bluray drive still provides the benefit of allowing larger media discs for games, 15G extra for single layer BD discs and 40G extra for dual layer. Plus free online included with PS3 will have more features than XBL Silver, if not match the features of XBL Gold.