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Surplus Sequels: Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Surplus Sequels is a series at Coregamer where we discuss whether upcoming or rumored games are a deserving or unneeded sequel.
First under the chopping block is Metal Gear Solid: Rising, a semi-prequel, semi-sequel to MGS 2 and MGS 4. The question is whether this title deserves to be released when the MGS and Solid Snake story has been concluded.

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Community3459d ago
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Nate-Dog3459d ago

Only thing I can say is that Rising isn't exactly a particular sequel per-sé, since "Rising" is actually going to be branced out from the MGS series we know (1-4) and made into it's own sort of series. (Apparently even Rising: 2 is already planned despite how far behind the creators of this are. <_< )

I agree with the article though. It's not needed, and one minute Matsuyama is saying that it's going to bridge the gap between MGS2 and MGS4, the next he's saying that they're going to make sure the story is easy to understand for newbies to MGS, so which is it? :/
I like the writer just want to see some actual gameplay. I'm sick of hearing the creators and Konami themselves saying "it's a stealth title", "stealth will play a big part in the game still etc etc.", stop telling us and actually show us Konami, I mean they've been working on it for around 20 months now and all they have is 2 pictures of Raiden and a 2-minute trailer.

Philoctetes3459d ago

A lot of what I've read so far makes this sound "dumbed down," but I need to see some gameplay before I decide.

-Ikon-3459d ago

LOOK WHOS MAKING it I know Kojimas ego will keep an eye on production..

SO my answer is YES game is going to rock!!!!!!!

BiggCMan3459d ago

i hate when i read that kojima named metal gear solid, because of the introduction of solid snake. if this guy was more knowledgeable, he should know that solid snake was in metal gear, and metal gear 2. kojima renamed metal gear 3, to metal gear solid, because it was the first game to have three dimensional characters, thus everything appearing more realistic, and SOLID looking.

49erguy3459d ago

Yeah. Dumbed down for the masses doesn't sound too good, but he bit of gameplay at the end of the trailer looked INCREDIBLE. Honestly, Uncharted 2's graphics look inferior.

kaveti66163459d ago

I doubt it looks better than Uncharted 2.

49erguy3459d ago

Don't doubt. Look at the end of the trailer.

CameronL993459d ago

yeah it takes a long time for the MGS teams to develop, they're extremely picky about what they show people, they just have to get it right and if they don't feel its perfect yet they won't show it, that's why its taking so long, so don't judge the game when all you have is 2 screens and a 2 minute trailer.
In MGS4's case it was intended to fill in old gaps between stories earlier in the series (which it did in some cases and just overly complicated in others) AND it was supposed to be accessible to newbies to the series, so the intention to do both is nothing new, whether they will be successful remains to be seen as the game isn't out yet.
Plus if anything, if this game actually answers some questions about the now overly ridiculous parts of MGS4's plot (and I say this as a diehard MGS fan since MGS1) then I say bring it on, give us some answers. People will ALWAYS want another MGS, so that in itself makes the game needed, does anyone think its in Konami's or the MGS fanbase's best interest to leave the MGS series alone to die? Of course not!

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Philoctetes3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Sry -- double post.

albel_nox3459d ago

I do fear Rising will deviate too far from the MGS formula. I really hope this turns out good but everything they say makes it sound worse and worse.

3459d ago
ChronoJoe3459d ago

Makes sense.

Looks like a good hack and slash 360 side, but if that's all it is then it's not even going to touch the likes of God of War for PS3 fans. It'll be interesting to see if the fighting mechanics will be as good as Ninja gaidens though, as they both use a Katana they should have, some similarities.

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