Ironstarmovement: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo Impression

Ironstar Editor Alex Page writes: My initial reaction to God of War: Ghost of Sparta was . . . WOW! How great does this game look for a PSP game? This game could easily pass as a fantastic Playstation 2 game. You start the demo off by familiarizing yourself with the controls for the game and then are immediately thrust back into the action to tear apart your enemies.

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3423d ago
raztad3423d ago

Glad the game is shapping rather well. This preview is appreciated. However, this is not accurate:

"The game will take place in between God of War II & III and fill in some of the plot holes leading up to the previously released God of War III."

If I understand correctly game fills the gap in between GoW1 (Ares defeat) and GoW2 (Kratos starts off as a God of War).

TeenGoten3422d ago

I still haven't played it