Reason for No Online Play in Plants vs Zombies 360

Joe Ryan: " You’d think I wouldn’t have needed the 360 version, but you’d be entirely wrong. The idea of playing co-op and vs. modes with other people was too strong of a draw to pass up. I was in particular looking forward to destroying Mat over Xbox Live, and was disappointed when I discovered that there was no online multiplayer component to the game. I had to ask PopCap about this particular decision, and I got the straight dope from Matt Johnston, Sr. Producer on PvZ/XBLA"

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comp_ali3428d ago

There is no online in PvZ XBLA , what a shame . I thought it had and went mad over popcap for non updating the PC version with the Coop and versus like X360, but now it doesn't have online I don't care.

matgrowcott3428d ago

I can't think of a better reason NOT to have it though.

cyberwaffles3428d ago

"Reason for No Online Play in Plants vs Zombies 360"

cause you're on meth.

RH063428d ago

How could there be Online for PvZ? Other than leaderboards etc...

matgrowcott3428d ago

I'm guessing you hadn't heard about the Co-Op and Vs. modes in the 360 version?

RH063428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I just own the PC version. Haven't check out too many 360 games lately, mainly because mine broke in 2008. But that kinda sucks you can't play online now, my Reach 360 will be here soon!

ChronoJoe3428d ago

Seems like a pathetic excuse, to me.

Did me stealing all my friends resources (or vice versa) stop Red Alert 3 being fun online? NO!

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