15 Years Later: Sony PlayStation vs. Nintendo 64

"This week in gaming history, Sony PlayStation turns 15 and Nintendo 64 turns 14. Have a look back at this historic battle, now a decade and a half later."

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Anthonynoonz3419d ago

This came out a while ago and Paul Gale Network now has the follow up.

hannibus3419d ago

15 years already? Damn that was a good time!

Joule3419d ago

I owned both consoles

I loved my Playstation for Twisted Metal and many other games.

I loved my N64 for Super Smash Bros and many other games.

Xbox what?

Thrillhouse3419d ago

Why did you even bring the Xbox, a console that wasn't out until the next generation, into it?


ExplosionSauce3419d ago

I preferred the Super Nintendo over Genesis and the PlayStation over N64.

Genesis and 64 were awesome, but SNES and PS had more win :P

darthv723419d ago

I had both PS and saturn and while i dug the 3d the ps was cranking out with toshinden and ridge racer. I equally liked the 2d power house the saturn was good at with clockwork knight and bug. Yeah...i liked bug

Sports games were best on ps. Shmups were best on saturn. Although N64 had a surprisingly good rendition of wipeout.

I know the topic is ps vs n64 but saturn was in there too. It did much better than most would have thought and gave birth to some great games in the process.

SilentNegotiator3419d ago

"This battle really was touted as “Quality vs. Quantity” with Nintendo 64 being the quality gaming system and PlayStation being the quantity gaming system"

With games like MGS and Gran Turismo, I don't think that's exactly fair...

ExplosionSauce3419d ago

They BOTH had quality. PS just had more of it. Same with SNES.

GWAVE3419d ago

Y'know, N64 had that undeniable Nintendo charm that the PSone couldn't fully recreate.

Ps1 had MGS1, Twisted Metal, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, and all of those amazing RPGs (FF7, Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, Xenogears), but Nintendo had Smash Bros, Super Mario 64, Start Fox, Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, and a lot of games that just oozed quality.

Honesty, both systems were great and they each had so many exclusives that it was worth playing both systems.

ExplosionSauce3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

They're pretty awesome consoles, that's why I had both :)

poopface13419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I also include my DC in that gen because thats when I played it. But that was a great time in gaming.

in 1996 I was only 10 and content with my SNES, then I saw mario in 3d and taht smacked me so hard I flipped out and saved all my money and got my n64 and ps1 ASAP. Thats when I became a hardcore gamer. I do remember seeing a PS1 for the first time in 1995 when I was 9, It was like some mystery device that I needed to have.

poopface13419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Mario 64, Zelda: OoT, Turok 1, Goldeneye, starfox 64, Perfect Dark, Smash Bros, Shadow of the Emperor, Metal gear Solid, Crash bandicoot, FF7, RESIDENT EVIL 2(the best RE), Driver, Mega MAN Legends.

Also I had alot of great PS to DC ports like Tony hawk 2 and Soul reaver.

An average game that was awesome on DC and PS1 was JEDI POWER BATTLES.

InfectedDK3418d ago

I think they both did it very well in their own way.
It's a tie from me.

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TheLeprachaun3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I have to say, the N64 is the greatest console I have ever laid my hands on. It had the best line up of games I've ever experienced. Who could forget amazing games such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Banjo and Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart and Super Mario 64. In my opinion, the Nintendo 64 is the king of split screen multiplayer games.

TheLeprachaun3419d ago

God how did I forget Super Smash Bros.

Persistantthug3419d ago

But there's no question N64 was obliterated by the PS1....No question.

hannibus3419d ago

N64 It felt like an "exclusive" console and PS was more mainstream buy less hardcore.

Wizziokid3419d ago

out of both Id say I played the N64 more with games like goldeneye, but these two console really up the ante for the gaming industry, where would we be without sony or nintendo?

@El Jugador, maybe because xbox wasn't out? stop trying to troll...

JohnApocalypse3419d ago

If it was just Sony and Nintendo this gen that would be lame

Theonik3419d ago

We need Sega back i say!

TheLeprachaun3419d ago

Stranger things have happened.

Elvfam5113419d ago

WWF No Mercy, Golden Eye, Mario party games, and SMB was a blast probably still are.... CTR, TM, Rival School, etc man childhood was great in the video game world....

Zachmo1823419d ago

Yea dude the N64 wrestling games kicked ass!!

house3419d ago

jet Force Gemini that game was bad ass

cyber_crysis3419d ago

To me, the Dreamcast was much more important. I still play it. I still think it was the best system I ever owned..

Elvfam5113419d ago

Wasn't the dreamcast after the ps1....

thebudgetgamer3419d ago

apparently the ps1 smothered his puppy or something.

gtamike3419d ago

PlayStation back then had so many games, and they still do for PlayStation 3

AaronPal8113419d ago

The Playstation brand is still relevant today but it was a lot stronger 10 and 15 years ago. PS2 was their best system imo.

fossilfern3419d ago

i loved the N64/PS1/Saturn days I think they were the best days with the likes of MGS, GT, Zelda, Smash bros, Mario 64, Lylat Wars etc. Fantastic days

ico923419d ago

i owned both, the 2 were phenomenal consoles and its down to personal preference, both of the consoles were as good as each other. But IMO the PS1 had a large library and allot of a amazing games, the N64's library was much smaller but had allot of phenomenal games, lets just ignore superman 64 it makes Shaq Fu look like Uncharted 2

bjornbear3419d ago

didn't regret it one bit. Played loads of PS, especially Tomb Raider, Medevil and Gran Turismo =D also amazing!

but for me, N64 was gold

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PandemicPrawn03419d ago

Does anyone remember how damn heavy the Legend of Zelda cartridge was for the N64. It had a bloody great manual as well.

I remember my first experience on a Playstation. I was super keen to get one, but when I played it at a mate's place I could just tell it wasn't for me.

PirateThom3419d ago

How could you tell?

The PS1 has, probably, the most expansive game library ever... I mean, I compiled a list on my favourite games for the system and still missed a ton.

Not trolling, just genuinely curious as to what games you were playing at your friends.

PandemicPrawn03419d ago

It was Die hard and some WCW wresting game.

Probably not the best games on the system I'll admit. Also the controller was just wrong for me.

I've got nothing against the PS brand. I've mucked around with a few titles on the PS1 & 2. It's just personal taste.

PirateThom3419d ago

Ugh... yeah, I can see why you were put off. :P

PeterGriffinSays3419d ago

That cartridge was MAD heavy

RobinGB3419d ago

I think Resident Evil 2 was heavy also weighing it at 512 megabits.

AzadFujishima3419d ago

Rumble pack and analog stick = best innovations yet!

emil13419d ago

sony's first console and it demolished nintendo's which was in gaming market decade more.

ps1-102 million sold, 930 million software
n64-33 million sold, 300 million software


ChickeyCantor3419d ago

Their first, sure, but only after observing so many other.

pippoppow3419d ago

If Nintendo had gone to CDs instead the N64 may have had a chance against Sony. Look at the top 50 games for each console and you'll see a differnce in quality after the first 10 for each.

I'm glad Nintendo is still around even though their games for the most part do not interest me any longer. Mario Galaxy, Fire emblem, Fragile Dreams and the upcoming Epic Micky are the only ones I'd purchase.

Nintendos success is good for industry growth. Many of those beginner type gamers the Wii pulled in will probably get hooked on gaming. Some may even want more advanced games to play.

Also Nintendo's innovation helps the industry advance but I'd love for them to challenge Sony game for game as they did against Sega. Release a higher spec'd console close to Sony's next system and bring not only the established franchises but new IPs as well. Probably won't happen but it would really be something great.

AzadFujishima3419d ago

Yeah if it wasn't for Nintendo we wouldn't have a lot of the technology we now know as standard. Even something as simple as the d pad
That was Nintendo's doing.

PeterGriffinSays3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

In the end tho, Playstation won. Now, the latest Playstation consoles are facing its greatest rival yet, the Xbox 360, after defeating N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Saturn and the OG Xbox.

But anyways, the N64 might not have had a lot of games, but the majority were legendary/excellent games. The Playstation 1 had a shit load of games, but a lot of them were jus decent.

Solid_Snakeps33419d ago

lol xbox 360 sold more cos it got a 1 year head start

mcstorm3419d ago

If you look at the Consoles Nintendo still have the best 1st party games by far. I don't think they know how to make a bad game and sony have now picked up on this and are starting to pick up on there 1st party games too.

MS are now starting to work on there 1st party games for Kinect so hopefully they will have a few more studios in the next 12 to 18 months.

I did love the PS N64 had them both but always seemed to play with my mates on the 64 and 1 player games on my ps.
Fifa 98 and wcw no mercy on the 64 was amazing and 4 player golden eye and perfect dark were unreal.

Loved playing GT2, MG and FF7 n 8 on my ps.

Seferoth753419d ago

PS faces its greatest rival... And you don't even add the Wii in there. LOL You fanboys that try to act like the first place console this gen doesnt exist make me laugh.

x5exotic3419d ago

Wii is a joke that's why,,,,,
stupid games,mario LOL
and the reason it sold more cuz its cheap

JeromeRichfield3419d ago

Wii is a serious contender for sure! It added motion to gaming, exercise games, thinking titles like Big Brain Academy, good Mario and Zelda titles, Smash Bros., party games, and was prolly the start of many future gamers.