Fun Facts About Playstation: Celebrate PlayStation's Fifteen Years With Infographics

Fun Facts With Kotaku: ''Did you know that 33 percent of PlayStation gamers don't eat while playing, and that seven percent won't date non-gamers? Learn more fun facts and explore the history of the PlayStation brand in a pair new infographics direct from Sony.''

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kevco333419d ago

Some 'whoop', some 'woah', and some 'who gaves a s**t?'.

Octo13419d ago

These were on a survey I did for Sony about a month ago. Most of the questions on the survey made me go "WTF?!" but now it makes sense.

JobForARockStar3419d ago

Is there a site to go to or do I sign up by e-mail? Please help. Thanks.

sonicsidewinder3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

but it does bring a tear to the eye.

BannedForNineYears3419d ago

"Most Playstation gamers would rather give up social networking sites, cell phones or fantasy sports leagues for an entire year than give up playing video games."

Derp, I deleted my Facebook for the lulz, I don't like sports, I never use my cell phone.
I wouldn't mind losing all those things for 20 years. xD

SpitFireAce853419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Right on I don't own a cell i used to till Verizon
decide its time to rape our costumers.So f#$% that iam
not paying $60+ when i can get a game and get more
entertainment out of that.Then talking to some one
who can call me on my house phone...

Edit.Well i do have a cell but in my PS3 lolz..