Interview: Valve on 13 things they’ve failed at

PC Gamer: Last month I was at Valve HQ in Bellevue to play Portal 2 and interview seven of their key staff. You can read the resulting preview and feature in the current issue of PC Gamer in the UK, and we’re also putting an interview up every day for a week here on the blog. Yesterday MD Gabe Newell, project manager Erik Johnson and marketing director Doug Lombardi explained their history of surprising decisions, and teased three more major surprises in the next year. Today, I innocently ask them if there’s anything in their history they see as a failure, and get thirteen different responses.

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Thrillhouse3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

They're a great developer, but this always made me laugh:


Can't wait for Episode 3, then hopefully HL3!

bjornbear3421d ago

but its justified. Just about everything they've done has been a masterpiece and or a great success.

I love valve, I just never understood the hate Gabe spewed at PS3 for no reason. Well he learnt his mistakes ;)

+ creeps me out how is face takes over the whole picture box O.o

N4GAddict3421d ago

They no longer failed at PS3. That's for sure.

N4GAddict3421d ago

Valve has been a great developer.

tdrules3421d ago

It takes a great man to admit his failures.
I love how the VALVe dudes are finishing each others sentences, they should really get a room.

electricshadow3421d ago

People can say whatever they want about VALVe, when I play their games, I have lots of fun. It's cool that they're admitting their failures as well. I have full faith in them.

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The story is too old to be commented.