The PlayStation Kinect, The Microsoft Move: the mix begins

ARS: Sony and Microsoft want you to think they have very different strategies for motion controls. "You are the controller," the bathroom mirrors at E3 proudly exclaimed, in one of the creepier bits of advertising at the show. Sony, on the other hand, is combining its own camera technology with a more conventional controller for its games. What we're already seeing is that both technologies are more alike than either company would like to admit.

We had our doubts about the Kinect's ability to deliver even basic gaming mechanics without a physical controller in your hand, and the comments were flooded with people wondering if Microsoft would simply release an optional hand-held controller for the Kinect, or if there would be games created that use both the Kinect and the standard controller. It would certainly give developers more options in their games, and help deal with the glut of rail-based games we've seen. Microsoft agrees.

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Cevapi883428d ago

Move will definitely have the time to get better and have all the kinks worked out in the launch games before the holiday with the patches for games like heavy rain, RE5, plus the release of LBP2, it will only make it that much more appealing come december 25th...a kevin butler commercial of him wearing a santa hat with a move montage of all those games i just mentioned would be perfect for advertising the capabilities of the controller

Godmars2903428d ago

Considering that Move has only looked better the more is known about it, while the opposite seems to be true for Kinect, all the thing really needs is someone to make a AAA title for it. Instead of tying to games like SOCOM 4and KZ3.

Not that thats bad exactly, its just not the same thing.

EvilBlackCat3428d ago

"and the comments were flooded with people wondering if Microsoft would simply release an optional hand-held controller for the Kinect"

Its going to happen

btk3428d ago

MS is in the deep end.
Kinect is not capable to compete with Move + PS Eye functionality, it can scarcely compete with the PS Eye. It is too expensive, and turned out to be an overpriced EyeToy. To add a wand controller in now would mean they will have to at least match Move precision. This will take them 1 - 2 years to market if they rush it - and by then the next gen will be getting ready to be released.

So simply - time has run out - they should have made there motion controller move for this gen now - and they dropped the ball with Natal / Kinect. What is really going to sting is the hyped expectation they created which they can not deliver on - while the competition can far outdo Kinect at a *much* lower price.

Bigpappy3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

After all the complaining ang beep analisys, what is come down to is not the popular opinion on N4G, but what happens when they are put on store shelves. Don't try and give me that crap about functionality over sales, because if people are buying, then you obviously don't have the functionality they are looking for.

You make stupid comments about M$ dropping the ball on Kinect even before they get a chance to ship one out the door. You continue to believe that while all real world indicators show, that kinect will be one of the hottest items for the holiday season this year. High Kinect sales = high 360 sales. The same can not be said for the Move. You thinking Kinect is in some sort of troble is just wishful thinking, and caused by spending too much time on N4G where you are bombarded by all the negative articles which can be found in the internet. You will make these predictions, then come back in November and accuse M$ of buying the 5 mil Kinects themselves.


Uncharted 2 barely sold 4 million when it is easily on the ten best games list of this counsel generation, yet crackdown was given bad reviews and sold more.... You have to look at games on their merits and not the sales side of it.Most people would not like to hear Beethoven but he is still More influental to music than modern artist.

smoothdude3428d ago

I guarantee you that Micro$oft doesn't care about the merits of the games, and they are looking to make money. Sony is the same way, because why would they create the same thing as the Wii when they could have don't something totally different.

The point is it is all about who sells more and makes more money. Don't believe me? Well everyone said the Wii controls sucked, but they sold way more than anyone else, guess what, now everyone is changing their plan and doing the same thing. Sorry that is the way the world works.

btk3428d ago

My point is that these real life indicators is not going to translate into the enormous sales that you think it is going to. MS dropped the ball - the market will respond - by not buying it. By the time MS realize they cannot just market a bad product into everyones home, it will be too late to correct the error. There simply is not enough time left in this gen for them to bring out another controller - and it is going to leave them in a distant third next year.

Godmars2903428d ago

It would be funny to see MS trying to sell a Move-like controller after all that's happened.

R2D23428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

"It would be funny to see MS trying to sell a Wii-like controller after all that's happened."

You mean like how Sony is trying to sell a Wii-like controller - why arent you laughing you said it would be funny.

But but Move is not Wii look alike.

gta_manic3428d ago

wasted another bubble on such a lame reply

Trebius3428d ago

Just so you know ...

The PSMove tech was being developed as far back as the year 2000.

So if anything, the Wii took it from sony.

Do some research you bum.

Godmars2903428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I stand corrected. Though someone, not you of course, could see how I made that mistake. Seeing how both Move and Kinect are cameras, where Wii is a sensor.

Also for your information I laugh a lot at Move and Wii. Am starting to fell sorry for Kinect however. Will feel sorrier still should it actually sell much less become popular.

Move is really just an PSeye extension. Should have been a natural evolution if the Eyetoy had been supported better than it was if at all.

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Trroy3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

MS will not use a 2-handed controller with Kinect. The only purpose of the skeleton system would then be for the legs, since the arms would get "tangled" at the controller.

If they want in on some of what the Move has going for it, plus use Kinect's skeletal recognition system, they're going to need a 1-handed controller... which would add even more to the Kinect price.

That's not gonna fly, at this point.

btk3428d ago

The promise of "future" functionality for Kinect - just think about it. 18 months from now? That is about 6 months away from the next gen systems to start appearing - or the first solid details. If they hit there stride 18 months from now - while the Move is making hay with the multiplats (ProStroke, RUSE, Virtua Tennis etc etc) they will have all but lost the HD motion controller war by a landslide.

They will be faced with a few simple options:
- Drop Kinect totally in favor of a wand controller
- Combination Kinect + wand controller - imagine the total price for that!

There was some really stupid decisions made at the XB360 devision - and after six months after Kinect is in the stores we can expect some major reshuffling at MS.

playstation_clan3428d ago

is that girl using move while playing kinect.
So the rumors are true, ms is making a controller for kinect. There goes the hype

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