Halo Waypoint Gets Update In Time For Halo Reach

In advance of Halo: Reach, 343 Studios has released an update for Halo Waypoint. The portal for all things Halo has finally come into the HD Era.

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T9X693419d ago

I think this guy needs some better internet, took me about 15 seconds to download Waypoint. Took about 3 seconds to start the video, and once it did it never buffered once.

yarbie10003419d ago

Could be that or trying to download a dirty movie at the same time

xxxAnubisxxx3419d ago

I never had a problem with it either... but oh well, still good info

Garrus_Vakarian3419d ago

Yeah, the videos don't need to buffer for me. Maybe he's referring to when the update was first available. It was running slow for the first couple of hours.

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