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"Fans have played countless hours of Borderlands to the point of bloodshot eyes. They have tried the different classes and even have maxed out their level cap multiple times through previous downloadable content. So the question remaining is: What else is there to do within Borderlands? Well 2k Games and Gearbox have the quick solution: Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution."

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Caspel3783d ago

Is this the last DLC?

RH063783d ago

They said that if people wanted new DLC, they will still make some. I kinda want Borderlands#2

athmaus3783d ago

Never gotten the chance to play Borderlands.....would like to thx for preview

RH063783d ago

Some people like Leveling up, and some can't find the time to grind. You only have a hard time playing by yourself, with four people and all four DLC the game is a BLAST!

TheSanchezDavid3783d ago

The title of this DLC reminds me of Klaptrap of Donkey Kong fame. =P

rezznik3783d ago

How much more DLC will they add?

barefootgamer3783d ago

I never quite finished Borderlands, much less tried any of the DLC.