IGN: Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt Review

If you're willing to spend money to see Morrigan again for about five minutes and get an unsatisfactory explanation of what's been going on, then you should buy Witch Hunt. If not, then it's tough to really recommend this downloadable content. The tale of how you find Dragon Age's sparsely clothed mage is a decent one filled with personality and humor, and the combat encounters, as brief as they are, can be fun, but Witch Hunt ultimately doesn't provide enough substance to satisfy.

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Cheeseknight283428d ago

Very disappointing. After reading this I figured I may as well just look up how it ends, and it's just as bad as IGN writes that it is. Compared to how brilliant Lair of the Shadow Broker is, it feels as though this is an entirely different company doing DLC. One would think that the quality standard would be just as high for the Dragon Age team as it is for the Mass Effect team, but apparently that isn't the case.

Shoulda been free.

Forbidden_Darkness3428d ago

I on the other hand loved the whole DLC and thought the ending was brilliantly laid out for DA2, keeping the mystery of Morigan secret still.

moe843428d ago

The dlc was short, perhaps a little too short. But I thought the story was pretty good. One thing I liked was being able to load up a previously made character into the dlc. I went and did the GoA dlc before I played Witch Hunt. Your character progress and loot continues into WH. Made for a pretty fun experience.

Plus it let me see the newer talents and some of the newer items. I'm liking the melee skills so far, I may go ahead and pick up a copy of DA:Awakening this weekend.