IncGamers: Sports Champions Review

IncGamers' James Chalmers limbers up, equips himself a couple of PlayStation Move controllers and tries to become the best at Sports Champions.

From the review:

"Then again when you have true 1:1 movement you're not going to worry. The input lag is basically non-existent and it's what makes the game so enjoyable. Using two Move controllers for the Gladiator Duel game is nothing short of mesmerising, anyone longing for a true simulation of sword and shield combat using motion controls won't have to look any further than this launch day beauty."

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greengamer3427d ago

great review will definitely be picking up the game when it comes out

mmoplaya3427d ago

there i was thinking it was just going to be a Wii Sports rip-off

Maticus3427d ago

Move is sneaking ahead of kinect for me.

Montoya3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

The Move has convinced me, Kinect was NEVER an option for me. It`s a stupid idea....but hey MS is FULL of stupid ideas this gen. Raising XBL pricing, Losing more 1st party then gaining,A softcore gaming future for a system w/ a hardcore image and release a system that couldn`t physically survive for more than a few month at launch for starters.

cliffbo3427d ago

sneaking!? it's zooming away on a jet powered toboggan.

BannedForNineYears3427d ago

Ahem, Kinect isn't out yet. ~_~

Although I assure you, it will fail.........Hard.

Dorjan3427d ago

Move is actually good!? Wait wut?

greengamer3427d ago

i know bet everyone who jumped on it at the beginning are now contemplating picking it up. Sounds like a much better version of a Wii.

Just gotta see how Kinect fairs

thief3427d ago

"The input lag is basically non-existent and it's what makes the game so enjoyable."
Thats one thing confirmed - no lag.

N4PS3Fanboys3427d ago

IGN said the performance was not consistent. Sometimes the experience was great, and other times lag completely ruined the experience. If someone says something negative about Move, I guess we just have to classify them as 360 fanboys or just pretend that they never said it.

btk3427d ago

The same IGN who did not review Move with RUSE because some other consoles did not have motion control enabled? Those people. Oh - OK then.

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