Halo: Reach Pre-Orders Pass 2 Million Worldwide

It was never in doubt that Halo: Reach would be one of the biggest games of the year, but with the release of the game now less than a week away, VGChartz brings you the latest pre-order figures and week one predictions.

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bmw694062d ago

Biggest game of the year!

FishCake9T44062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Black Ops?
I would guess that it will sell the most copies out of all games coming out this year. Plus its on PC and PS3 too, not just 360.

JBroken4062d ago Show
gtsentry4062d ago

@jbroken..its only natural for you xboox fanboys to buy halo since its your biggest game game.ofcourse its going to sell alot since thats all you guys want to buy now

Eric Barrier4062d ago

Oh for crying out loud JBroken
Gran Turismo 5, like really?
Why can't people understand that both consoles can have great exclusives that are quality titles with great sales. It doesn't have to be a competition. Peace and Gaming.

sinclaircrown4062d ago

What games have YOU come up with? I love to hate fanboys.

How someone can think they're better than someone else because they own a different video game console is quite hilarious.

"poor Ps3 lames" I would need to live a very sad life to ever utter a statement like that. Even online where the fanboys hide behind an avatar and think they're the sh*t!

Keep it up Broken. I get entertained for free, you waste precious minutes of your life coming up with crap like this.

The_Darkest_Red4062d ago


How's the lineup looking for 360 exclusives next year?

Oh... right.

The_Darkest_Red4062d ago


Comparing sales from GT5 Prologue? That game isn't even a full game and it launched at a time when the PS3 had a very small install base. I, for one, don't own GT5 Prologue and plan on purchasing GT5.

Think. If you are thinking, think harder.

antz11044062d ago

@Broken, dude, way to make all us 360 owners look like jerks. You're not helping the cause a$$hole, so unless you can say something positive, GTFO.

mcnablejr4062d ago

get out of this 360 article you butthurt fanboy.

wait, all of you get out.

The_Darkest_Red4062d ago


Bubbled you down for a personal attack.

I'll hang out in whichever articles I please, just like everyone else on N4G. If you want to get mad at someone get mad at JBroken for provoking everyone here.

Blazing_Crabs4062d ago

He's like that because the only good FPS exclusive on 360 is Halo.

And he has good reason to be defensive, it's a good game.

Erotic Sheep4062d ago

The fact that you compared a DEMO to a Halo game should say enough..

SaberEdge4062d ago

Oh so now Halo 3 ODST is a real game and GT5 Prologue is just a demo? It's hard for me to keep it all straight with all the goalpost moving and convenient redefining of terms.

Who cares? They are both going to be great games in their respective genres.

corneliuscrust4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

begets flamebait

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bmw694062d ago

On a single platform ;-)

rekof4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

,.. lol ,.. maybe not in first month,.. but still ,.. gt5 will sell crazy,.. It's a billion dollar franchise,.. I know non-gamers who are waiting to buy ps3 for Granturismo,..(that actually surprised me)

You have no clue what Gt does to people,.. Non-racing game fans start to look for cheap deals for wheels ,..

Maybe because it is a single exclusive 360 has,.. O and gears next year,.. People need to play something don't they,.. and Reach is actually a good game ,..

bmw694062d ago

And Halo says goodby! No way GT5 will outsell Halo THIS YEAR even if you are talking worldwide.

Lifetime it has a small chance however.

And agreed, Black Ops is actually gonna thrash them both.

gtsentry4062d ago

@bmw69,only time will tell if gt5 will outsell halo

Rybakov4062d ago

call of the giant dootie sucks and it is unfortunate the people that play it cause they don't know what a real game is then again halo isnt great either but call of dooit is an embarrassment to games

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gtsentry4062d ago

the biggest game of the year is going to be the game that everyone is going to be playing on multiplatforms.which is black ops.halo reach is the biggest game on the xbox

Rybakov4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

even tho call of dootie sucks i must agree

cyber_crysis4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

"halo reach (estimated) 4,250 M"

halo will surpassed this mark easily...

mark my words.

The real killer4062d ago

You mean biggest game for the 360 of the year.

kaveti66164062d ago

Why do you even bother? You only have one bubble.

hoops4061d ago

And this is why he only has one bubble...he trolls in EVERY SINGLE Halo, Kentic, MS thread.
Why hate on a system you never owned? Do you work for Sony?

TROLL EATER4062d ago

have the feeling this halo will sell better than previous halo's in the post release category.

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socomnick4062d ago

Arg tuesday can't come soon enough.

Natsu X FairyTail4062d ago

I bet you'll be doing the FIST PUMP all the way to Ebgames!


Why o why4062d ago

im crap at multiplayer though....

Why o why4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

how can somebody disagree with that...i dare you...answer me boy lol

StillGray4062d ago

Hell yeah. I can't wait.

cliffbo4062d ago

now this MUST prove that halo Reach is the best game ever made

Cold 20004062d ago

Your comment proves that that you're insecure and butthurt.

comp_ali4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

it isn't about sales.
if so, then MW2 is the best game ever.

BX814062d ago

How many did MW2 sell? I can't remember. Hopefully reach will sell more. Bungie has a rep for polished games.

sinclaircrown4062d ago


Imagine how Pacman would look on PS3 if it wasn't gimped for the Atari 2600!!!

a08andan4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Umm, no. By that logic I think that Super Mario Bros 1 must be the best game ever made. If I remember correctly that sold over 40 million copies :P

(Although I see the possible sarcasm in your statement ;)


Did the GT5 prologue sell that much? O.o Can you give a link to these numbers? I need some numbers to jerk off to :)

sinclaircrown4062d ago

Also Cliff, GT5 Prologue sold over 4 million copies. So technically, GT5 isn't out yet and its sold more copies than Reach which comes out next week.

FYI, I can't wait for Reach, I also can't wait to shoot down more fanboys in flames! :)

I kid I kid... but seriously.

hudsoniscool4062d ago

halo 3 odst has sold 5.5 million copies so add that onto halo 3's 11 million and halo 3 has sold 16.5 million copies.

telekineticmantis4062d ago

that 4 million people bought a $60 expansion pack proves the sales have nothing to do with the quality.

Roozium4062d ago

Halo 3: ODST was still great.

SaberEdge4062d ago

ODST was a really good game. It's similar to how I feel about Heavenly Sword--it was a great game that I wished was longer, but in the end I am not going to miss out on a really great game just because it is too short.

antz11044062d ago

From 1 360 owner to another: Dumb comment, thats like saying Smallville's ratings make it an excellent tv show. No f%cking way buddy.

SaberEdge4062d ago

Who gets to decide if Smallville is a good series or not? It's a matter of taste. Is my dad wrong because he loves Smallville? No, he's not. It's a subjective thing. Obviously for the people who buy and watch Smallville it IS an excellent tv show.

I hate people like you who think just because you have some opinion about something that it's a fact that everybody else has to agree with.

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