30% of surveyed PS3 owners own more than 20 games, and other fun facts

Andrew Yoon Sep 9th 2010

Joystiq: Did you know that Kratos is the most popular PlayStation character (with Nathan Drake a close second)? And did you know that 40% of PS3 gamers can't be in a relationship with someone that "gets in the way of their gaming"? Sony shared some fun facts for its 15th anniversary.

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Natsu X FairyTail3428d ago

I know alot of people be lying when taking surveys but I know there's a few people that really owns alot of games. I got a friend who got about 20 Nintendo Wii games. He's paid in full aswell.

darthv723428d ago

I dont see what the gain would be in lying on a survey. It isnt like the person will have anything to gain other than inflated results.

I have probably 15 ps3 games and 12 wii games. I do have a full binder of 25 360 games. The most games I have would have to be genesis at 62 although turbografx runs a close second at 58.

On topic, I will be adding some more to my ps3 as I will finally be getting uncharted 2 and pacific rift.

ABizzel13428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I had over 40 games for my PS3 not including PSN titles, before I got rid of games I don't play anymore. Now I have around 25 games.

It's easy to have a collection of games if

1) You have a job

2) You like a variety of games (If you only one or two genres then it's hard)

3) You've had your console since launch.

My 360's library is looking a little slim since it mainly consisted of multiplats it's about 15 now :(

bjornbear3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

some of those figures are scary though...

"eats: other" - other what? they pretty much listed all types of food, except maybe fruits...o.O

and the dating part is weird. I'd ditch my PS3 for any chick i dig =D GIRLS > GAMING


I personally own 10+ games but only have had PS3 for about a year. hardly ever full price though and have traded a few in-_-

*edit: LOL @ everyone listing games xD I dno don't have my collection w me now but I have LOADS of N64, PC, Dreamcast and PC games back at home, but traded/gave LOADS of them away ='( I envy thee

Trebius3428d ago

Wish I'd been part of the survey :)

Elimin83428d ago

Or deflated depending on who takes the survey... Fanboys etc

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Parapraxis3428d ago

So Natsu X FairyTail, how does your collection break down?

scruffy_bear3428d ago

Got about 100 if not more games for the PS3

EvilBlackCat3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I own 47 games on PS3...

:? See i can lie too.

MiamiACR3428d ago


kneon3428d ago

I think I've bought about 15 this year alone, should easily hit 20 before year end. In total it must be around 40+.

But odds are that if you're on this site then you're not normal so we would just skew the results :)

HolaTarola3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I have 85 PS3 games and around 70 PSN games.. Know people that have over 125 tho..

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BrianG3428d ago

Haven't counted my collection in a while, but I had over 20 games, did a few 2 for $40 deals gamestop was offering, so I'm probably a few short of 20 now.

DigitalAnalog3428d ago

With the exclusives and multi-plats evened out each other.

-End statement

Rockstar3428d ago

I'm a collector though.If I really like a game it stays in my collection and never gets traded away. 3 or 4 of them are still unopened.

ian723428d ago

I've been collecting games since I got my PS3. I only get games I like and I've got 78 blu-ray disc games. Only got a couple PSN games and got around 20 PC games.
I have traded in a few games in the past, wish I hadn't but needed the money for a newer game which I wanted.
Can't believe how much I've spent on games but I don't mind as Its my main hobby and I just love gaming.

Jacobite3428d ago

Let see Ive got-

PC about 50+
PS3 30 games not counting PSN
Xbox 360 3 games
Xbox 14+ games
DC 12 games
PS2 10+ games
GC a few need to check
N64 5 games
SMD 7 Ggames
PS1 20+
and that not counting my sons games lol All my games are in great condition as the consoles.

Kewl_Kat3428d ago

The most interesting man in the world.

Kain813428d ago

i have 18 retail Games and 6 Downloaded games...and it will be increasing ^^

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