Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Kane & Lynch 2 – Dogs Days

Lens of Truth writes "This week we put Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in a dogfight to see which version comes out the “Top Dog”. When we played Kane & Lynch 2 at this years E3 we had high hopes for this one. Introducing a unique art style never really seen before in a game all while taking post processing effects to the next level. We knew one thing was certain, only one version would come out of our Head 2 Head dogfight alive. Now that this game is out and steadily dropping quickly in price, so what better time take the plunge and buy it, or at least start thinking about buying it. But before you do that let us supply you with some facts to help guide you towards the definitive purchase. So read on to find out exactly what we unleashed in this weeks Head 2Head."

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RudeSole Devil3427d ago

First off the shaky cam sucked, but the Xbox 360 should I won IMO.

jack_burt0n3427d ago

another multiplat sucking on xbox, vanquish sucks on xbox, split second, lost planet 2, darksiders, dantes inferno loads of em.

Parapraxis3427d ago

c'mon now jack_burt0n, you're going to crush that myth that 360-only owners have that EVERY multiplat games is better on 360.

Montrealien3427d ago

It was not a myth, it was fact. And now that devs understand both consoles alot better it is also old news.

Bottom line multiplat games on both consoles have very little differences.

3427d ago
Kran3427d ago

APPARENTLY and I dont know as I never tested this out, you could have turned off the Shaky cam. I don't know. But anyway, the Shaky cam wasn't a problem for me. It made the game a tad more real.

Sea_Man3427d ago

No way! PS3 had way better lighting. The SSAO on the Xbox looked like crap and should have counted against them. Besides, the Xbox was missing textures.... FAIL!!

Lord_Doggington3427d ago

the screen tearing is why all of the other staff people chose the 360 version.

RudeSole Devil3427d ago

Your just being a fan boy, screen tearing out weighs graphics any day of the week.

jack_burt0n3427d ago

tell that to resident evil 5 and all the other crap digital foundry spews. so many games on 360 tear all the time.

Sea_Man3427d ago

No way!! I agree screen tearing is a problem but missing textures!!! Obviously it gonna run better it's missing textures and lighting effects!! like I said 360 FAIL!!

ArthurLee3427d ago

Both versions look pretty bad! I don't know just what exactly edios was thinking using this "shakey cam" graphical style. If I had to get one, I'd pick up the 360 version, I'm running out of space on my PS3 HD.

RudeSole Devil3427d ago

A little less texture here and there will never out weigh screen tearing, just admit you only own a PS3.

baker_boi3427d ago

Screen tearing outweighs MISSING TEXTURES?

~RudeSole Devil Leveled Up!~ Lv. 36 Troll!

Earned Skill: Ass Chattery

RudeSole Devil3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

-End statement

Sea_Man3427d ago


hahahahaha I guess they are the end all be all.... But didn't they forget to mention the missing lighting effects and missing texture the Xbox had??? I guess they over looked them??? or wait... could it be Eurofanboy instead!!

DigitalAnalog3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )


Eurogamer and LOT tend to have the same conclusions on multi-plats, hence the statement. (You shouldn't just take the comment without thinking...)


Read my response to RSD.

-End statement

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The story is too old to be commented.