Looking Back: The Original Uncharted Is Stupid

Uncharted 2 took all the obscure little unpleasantries out of the shoot-em-up equation and put what remained in a perspective that really clicked. Bitmob liked being able to take cover and blindly fire in a panic, and they liked the simplicity of the arsenal, as opposed to Call of Duty’s litany of guns barely distinguishable to the lay man. In these simple terms of entertainment, Uncharted 2 is a big success.

So they went back to play the first Uncharted, and they can’t stand it.

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Seijoru3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Uncharted 1 was amazing. The best single player experience in 2007 besides Bioshock. I actually liked the story a little bit more than U2's although U2 had way better gameplay, pacing, etc.

GWAVE3428d ago

Is this "journalist" kidding? Uncharted is one of the best games of this gen. I just can't believe...

Oh wait. That explains it...

sikbeta3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

This b!tchmob site know crap about gaming, guess they keep playing modern bugfare and think is teh bezt...

UC = Amazing
UC2 = +Amazing

bjornbear3428d ago

I read the article...and I'm still wondering

Why is it stupid? The article doesn't clarify at all.

Hell of a way of getting hits. Probably get more hits if you wrote "MW2 - Best FPS MP experience of the decade"

rod_furlong3428d ago

This was written by some community member on Bitmob, not a "journalist" as you say

RockYou3428d ago

...A "community writer"/blogger on a website speaks for the entire site. Amirite?

bobcostus3428d ago

Uncharted 1 was pretty good, but Uncharted 2 was much, much better.

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movements3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

No Bitmob, say Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was stupid, is stupid.

Kidding me? It's one of the best games on PS3!

Seriously, this is stupid.

Philoctetes3428d ago

I actually still slightly prefer Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2. It's a great game.

mantisimo3428d ago

I'ts a great game I just replayed it at the weekend and it still played well and felt fresh.

theonlylolking3428d ago


The games story mode and gameplay feels fresh but not the graphics.

Chris3993428d ago

I liked the story in the first one better. 2nd one had some terrific set-pieces and action, but the story wasn't as good (or cohesive) as the first. Too many plot threads.

I have a feeling that the 3rd one will be a "back to its roots" sort of affair. Looking forward to it.

syanara3427d ago

Well with uncharted 2's amazing graphics it really makes the first one look like total crap lol

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RedDead3428d ago

it was stupid the way you could shoot through walls in 1, what ever the reticule was on, the bullet hit. Grenades were retarded aswell.

I think the first is overrated and overpraised, it wasn't anything special but the PS3's great games only started coming out around 07-08. Uncharted would have been the first good Tps on Ps3, I played Gears 1 before it(Gears 1 is better than 2 imo) and Gears 1 was unbelieveable and it had great online, then I played Uncharted 1 and said what the fu** is the big idea, it's not that good, nothing near Gears 1.

uncharted 2 on the other hand i amazing, i duuno whats so differant but it's just great

grailly3428d ago

no where near gears 1? Can't believe your saying that, I actually tried playing gears after uncharted, and I just couldn't get through it without playing it coop(because it was boring, not difficult...), coop was really fun though.
The hardest part jumping from uncharted to gears, the scenery is just horrible, there are only hip-high wall and nothing'll get in a room, see the other end of it, because nothing high enough gets in the way, and ennemies would pop in...

I thought the first uncharted had some big issues though. When you get to the supernatural part, the gameplay that got you through the whole game just breaks down. cover becomes useless, and you can't melee anymore. also I don't stand the survival-horror genre, so that didn't help. end boss was stupid. the difficulty was also very unequal.

acky13428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Uncharted 1 and 2 are very similar in their gameplay and controls. To say you thought one was amazing yet the other horrible (because of the gameplay) doesn't make any sense.

RedDead3428d ago

I never said I didn't like it, I said it's not as good as Gears and not as good as the reviews it got. U2, I don't know what it is about it but it just seemed alot more polished and the gun fights felt refined and perfected . They do alot more verticle sections aswell in Uncharted, like in the snow place when climb up on a house and make your way to the botom, trying to stealth kill as much enemies as you can before your spotted.

callahan093428d ago

The original Uncharted is stupid? False.

movements3428d ago

I've played Uncharted about 6 times, never got bored. Awesome game.

Snoogins3428d ago

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune remains quite the special game for me. It was the first game I bought when I picked up the last 80GB BC model I could find anywhere near me back in early '08. Blew me away with its solid gameplay, music (listened to the opening theme in full every time I booted the disc) and the story with its memorable characters. Uncharted 2 came and perfected the formula of cover shooter meets treasure hunting explorer, especially with tighter controls, but the first game still remains my personal favorite and quite possibly my favorite game this generation.

mrcash3428d ago

the gameplay was better in uc1 the ai was better, the only thing u2 had better were the visuals and scripted events.

Fan Tastic3428d ago

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is one of the top two games this generation.

thong_pounder3428d ago

uncharted is the first game i played on the ps3
(160gb uncharted bundle $300 Sweet deal) and i played it for 7 days straight that's how long it took me to complete this(mw2). well i would spend around 20 mins looking around at those beautiful view.

crzyjackbauer3428d ago

Uncharted 1 was way better imo
uncharted 2 was too much of a shooter
UC had more exploration

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cliffbo3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

why don't we get: looking back: the original Halo was stupid. just wondered

Convas3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

LOL, trust someone to bring up Halo in an Uncharted topic. Sad.

Stay Classy N4G.

BrianG3428d ago

I don't think hes trying to start anything, he's just asking a question, why hasn't he seen that?

And your comment anyway is typical from people like you, adds nothing. If you dont like the comment section of this site, dont use it.

GarandShooter3428d ago

LOL, trust someone to get offended when a comparison to question motive is made. Sad.

Stay Stupid N4G.

Convas3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

@Garandshooter: If you took that for offended, you need to get your eyes checked. I was merely stating that various games could've been used as an example. But of course, Cliff here has a bit of a history.

@Brian G: Useless comment? Cliff's comment was useless as well, going by your statement. Others decided to give a reason why they think Uncharted IS NOT stupid. Cliff wonders why he hasn't seen anything like this for Halo, which is "typical from people like him". So if you're going to call out useless comments, go all the way buddy. :)

By the way, just who am I "typical" of?

BrianG3428d ago


I was saying you seem like one of those typical people that jump on the comment section and just say, "this site sucks", or "Classic Fanboy N4G". I dont know your comment history personally, so you might not be that way, but that one comment fit into that profile.

And yes, Cliffs comment was useless with regards to Uncharted, but it wasn't the same as yours. He was asking a question that involved gaming. Your initial comment seemed like you were trying to start a flame war or something.

Convas3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

@BrianG: I'm not sure if your new here or something, but your definition of flamebait is definitely skewered. How you can look at Cliff's comment and then mine, and then conclude that MY comment is flamewar inducing is beyond me. And whilst you're here, you might as well look over Cliff's and my comment history. BIG difference, that I guarantee you.

BrianG3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )


I'm not new here, and I do think that Cliff's comment could be conceived as being flaimbate, but after reading both of yours it seemed that yours was more offensive, and more geared towards starting something.

Again I dont know either of your personal comment histories, I was just going by what I see above.

EDIT: Just browsed quickly through both your histories, and I have to say, you are not as bad as Cliff, he does seem to turn the route of bashing MS on some articles. But either way, those comments are useless, from anyone.

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cliffbo3428d ago

it was an example... it could have been any 360 games. it seems we get these types of articles quite a lot when talking about PS3 games, but none at all when it's 360 games. this is just a way of promoting bad news at a time when MS are getting obliterated online with the price hike of LIVE and the disappointments of Kinect

Snoogins3428d ago

While that's off topic, cliffbo, I still find Halo: Combat Evolved the best of the series, at least as far as story goes. Maybe Halo: Reach will be better? <shrugs> I guess gaming news is a bit slow for articles like these to pop up.

movements3428d ago

What are these guys thinking?

guitarded773428d ago

These guys

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BabyTownFrolics3428d ago

may they have the saddest Christmas ever

KillerPwned3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

O my god someone is gonna get shanked

Uncharted kicks ass