Eurogamer - Mafia 2 Digital Foundry Face Off

The arrival of Mafia II on consoles and PC has certainly caused plenty of controversy, not just on the respective merits of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions but also, more importantly, on whether the game itself is actually a worthwhile buy.

Many gamers on the official 2K forums weren't happy about the graphical omissions they found in the PS3 version in the demo. It actually turns out these compromises, tweaks and changes are actually the tip of the iceberg. The question is, bearing in mind the relatively poor performance level of both console games, how much does this actually matter?

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MGRogue20173418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

X360 wins this one.. which is a shame 'cause with the right developers with alot of experience, Both console versions can perform exactly the same.

MNicholas3417d ago

The shading capabilities of the graphics chip in the PS3, the RSX, is precisely the same as the Nvidia 7900GT. To get an idea of how well the GPU would perform without the Cell processor helping out, simply look at the benchmarks for the 7900GT.

It runs shader heavy games like Gears of War and Bioshock, for example, at a higher resolution than the console versions at maximum detail levels (console versions are approximately medium detail level).

Alternatively, look at Uncharted 1. The level of detail in that game is superb despite being rendered entirely on the GPU with no shading assistance from the Cell processor.

Clearly the developers of Mafia haven't come close to utilizing the full performance of the PS3's GPU. The PS3 versions has poor visuals, not because is doesn't use the Cell to supplement the RSX, but because the developers are simply mediocre.

ProjectVulcan3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

RSX isnt as fast as a 7900GT overall. Mainly because RSX has half the memory bus bandwidth, and thus half the ROPs. Nvidia originally said it was faster than a 7800GTX because of its core clockspeed, but then when pressed admitted years ago that the cut up bus essentially makes RSX slower than a 7800GTX. Its probably somewhere in the region of a 7800GT for real world applications with its ability to do anti aliasing heavily crippled by the cut down in ROPs that comes with the bus bandwidth reduction. Had sony insisted RSX retained NV47's 256bit bus and 16 ROPs, or compromised and went with a 192bit bus and 12 ROPs, RSX would be considerably quicker and better at MSAA, memory bandwidth heavy stuff like alpha textures etc.

Course CELL is there and used properly makes the system faster than 360, as long as its in the right developers hands. We have seen this now, with a lot of first party PS3 games. Obviously 2K czech arent one of those developers.

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meetajhu3417d ago

i Don't care the game is kick ass on PC and has physx effects which jaw drops!

xg-ei8ht3417d ago

Poor looking game all round.

Imo GTA4 looks better and i still hate it.

DigitalAnalog3417d ago

But crap game is still crap.

-End statement