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lokiroo4203426d ago

Hahahaha, the tides have turned my friends, the tides have turned.

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OSU_Gamer3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Now all of a sudden his word is gospel?

Whether or not you hate XBL...a few months ago anything Newell said about the PS3 was laughed at.

Where are all those same fat jokes we heard nonstop? Interesting, there are none.

Montrealien3426d ago


The tides have not turned, many N4G users are just coat turners. They should be ashamed of being so weak. hehe

pixelsword3426d ago

@ OSU_Gamer:

Although I never considered his word gospel, I didn't see the need to consistently hammer this guy; but if something is said that is totally bogus you can't help but to call it out every once in a while.

WhittO3426d ago

Its true he needs to stfu, always in the media for the wrong reasons.

It's clear if he doesn't get something the way he wants he spits his dummy out.

Parapraxis3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Sorry Montrealien, but the way I conduct myself is this:
If somebody is being a dick, I treat them like they are dicks.
If somebody stops being a dick, I stop treating them like dicks.

I know it's hard for somebody with a low level of maturity to comprehend but encouraging people to NOT be dicks by giving them hell and then treating them well when they stop actually works. And both parties in most cases understand why those negative actions are being taken in the first place.

The only people being weak are those too stubborn to reconcile their differences.

Nope OSU_Gamer, the difference between his statements towards the PS3 in general a few years back and one specific aspect of the 360 is VERY clear.

He lambasted and slammed the PS3 without actually making an effort to develop for it, and then let a 3rd party poorly port his game. He was making statements about PS3 that weren't based as much on facts but rather generalized perception and beliefs.

What he is saying about Live (one aspect of the 360 which he still generally amicable towards) is not based on opinion, it's based on FACT, ones which have been stated by other devs previously.


Apparently Montrealien no comprende as he had absolutely nothing to counter what I actually said. Epic fail bud.

Montrealien3426d ago Show
OSU_Gamer3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


The problem is, you say he is not a dick, but its obviously because he isn't throwing out smack to your favorite console anymore.

Edit at parapraxis:

So anything he said before about PS3 were all untrue just because he never devolped for it? Even though that makes no sense, lets say you are right. If that is the case you look like the fool because you easily turnaround and back the same guy who according to you, lied and was a dick.

You can spin it how you want...but your support of Gabe Newell and the support of Gabe Newell by other N4G users now that he is developing for the PS3 is pretty convenient..don't you think?

Trroy3426d ago

Why don't you make some jokes, OSU_Gamer, rather than complaining? Why does it have to be someone else?

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JeffGUNZ3426d ago

Your logic is terrible.

Hitler committed genocide to countless numbers of innocent Jewish people. So, under your belief, if he stopped killing innocent Jewish people you would think he is an ok guy? Sure this is an extreme comparison, but I make it extreme so you get the point. You complained that all his statements about the PS3 were untrue due to his lack of experience developing on the PS3. So, essentially, you are classifying him as a liar. Now, all of the sudden, he makes a statement against the 360 and you take his word for it and back him up. Really shows a lot about your character to run behind someone you acknowledged to be a liar as soon as he shares a similiar opinion of yours.

Stop attacking Montrealien, you look pathetic attempting to attack someone on a video game website.

Grow up.

Why o why3426d ago

If we say xbl is a closed network....

we're fanboys.

If a dev says it.....

he's a d(ck.

If we call him fat.....

we're immature.

If we agree with wat he says.....

we're turncoats.

fcuk me....we cant win so here's my pop at it

This dude is still overweight but i agree with what he's saying.....hows that and what do you you guys have an opinion on xbl's restrictiveness or is it all about the fanboys again...¬_¬

nycredude3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


So people aren't allowed to have a change of heart now, change the mind? I use to hate broccoli when I was a kid, do I have to hate it forever? Come on now people grow up. Fact is Gabe said some really nasty things about the Ps3 long time ago but he pretty much apologized on stage so people forgive and forget. It's a concept you guys should try sometimes.

BTW I hope Sony doesn't send Gabe a Move kit. He might eat the controller thinking it's an ice cream cone! Ta dah!!! I know pathetic...


You should be banned from ever commenting on any forum ever again for using such a tasteless and utterly ridiculous analogy, and also on a Jewish Holiday.

How the fuck do you figure Gabe talking shit about Ps3 and then apologizing can be compared to Hitler murdering Millions of people?!! You get the dumbest comment of the year award. Trophy and achievement unlocked.

UnwanteDreamz3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Wow talk about drama. How old are you kids

I love how you guys take everything kids on the internet say seriously and then use their words to judge the whole fanbase.

Why not save the comments from fanboys so that you can call them out? I mean it seem that important to you. You sound like bickering kids. Why do you care so much?



Do yourself a favor look up "straw man fallacy " so that you don't continue t look ignorant. Here this cartoon should help.

Consoldtobots3426d ago

I guess MS must have cutback on his monthly supply of cheesecake.

there, you happy now?

all jokes aside I hope those of us who have been calling out MSs greedy business tactics and lack of support for moving the industry forward stop getting de-bubbled and trolled when WE SPEAK THE TRUTH.

insomnium3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

OMG nycredude. Great comment!

goldensfree3426d ago

"Montrealien no comprende as he had absolutely nothing to counter what I actually said. Epic fail"

well said bubs to ya

Mont feel the burn lol

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3426d ago
Denethor_II3426d ago

The comments about the PS3 were indeed laughable because they were premature, unfounded and proved to be untrue. Now on the other hand we have him voicing his concerns on how Live is a very closed and expensive service to work for.
Montrealien, I can see your trying to appear rational and unbiased, nice try;)

Karum3426d ago

That's a shockingly bad comparison, you did say it was extreme but that isn't even the point. It's just not the same at all.

There's a big difference between being wrong and acting a certain way, acknowledging you were wrong and not acting that way and committing f***ing genocide and trying to say "I'm Sorry" to gain forgiveness.

Sorry, just a terrible, terrible comparison regardless of acknowledging the extremity of it all.

ForROME3426d ago

Indeed, when valve said something before, it was dismissed now that its in favor of PS3 people eat it up, make up your mind children

I still think valve is arrogant no matter what system they chose, after half life 3 I think they are done as being a elite company

mugoldeneagle033425d ago

I was one of the people who disliked Gabe, as most people did. He was anti-Sony for no reason and acted so Ignorant whenever the discussion came up.

But guess what, Sony talked him into developing for the PS3, he saw the consoles power, *admitted he was in the wrong* and now he's bringing us the games we want. Why shouldn't PS3 owners be happy?

It's the same as the media when they bashed the PS3 at launch non stop. No games, PSN is bland, etc. Now here we are 4 years later and guess which console is leading the charge? And guess what console game sites rarely talk shit about anymore.

Are we not allowed to accept an apology? This is 4th grade where if something goes wrong we hate them forever?

scott1823425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Who says we have any respect for Gabe, or take what he says seriously???

I just think it's funny that he is attacking the idiots that defended him for so long! This is great.

OSU has an amazing team this year.

badz1493425d ago

up until E3 this year he spouted offensive words towards Sony and sometime PS3 gamer in general but now after that 1 time being invited personally on stage by Jack he's totally changing side? I know that he's 1st and foremost develop for PC but he seemed like preferring the 360 with L4D and stuff. so why would he start bashing M$ now? I simply can't understand. it's not like his next game is going PS3/PC only, right?

Chubear3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Now you see what we have been telling you for years when Gabe kept doggin the PS3 and PSN.

We told you he was just BSing and doing MS bidding. Now he doesn't have to do that any more he's singing a new tune. It's repulsive how gabe could be like this but hey it's business but the bottom line is, when we kept telling you he's BSing you all laughed and mocked... Pay back is such a B*tch uh?

Just wait 'till Valve (not a company they acquired) make a PS3 exclusive, just wait till L4D gets annouced for the PS3 and it will be considered not a big deal but "SE annoucing FF13 multiplat in NA & EU only is HUGE!!!!!!" :/

Bathyj3422d ago

Up till now Gabe has been saying the sky was green, and we all called him a liar.

Now he says the sky is blue and we're inclined to agree.

Why are you'se so suprised?

He changed his mind, we changed our opinions on his statements.

That doesn make anyone a turncoat. He means he stopped talking sh*t and now people listen to him.

WildArmed3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Honestly, I haven't forgiven Gabe's ignorance before.
But it's a start-- meaning I'm willing to give him a chance to set things right. But he has to earn it.

And for the record, he isn't making any fans by bashing MS now.

If you cut someone's arm off, and then go cut off his competitor's arm to make the first person happy... you obviously didn't think this through.
He is pissing off both sides, playing a dangerous game there!

Portal 2 PLEASE :)

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movements3426d ago

Can't believe me ears. Is Gabe Newell actually saying this? Left 4 Dead PS3's confirmed, then.

Gabe EatsWell3426d ago

PS3 fans, please wait for E3 2011 for the official announcement. Yours truly. :)

StanLee3426d ago

Sadly Gabe is going to run into the same problems with PSN. Valve has seen how the console community has grown and wants a piece of it and while PSN is more open, Sony still, like Microsoft wants to control the pipeline of content and be the conduit for it. Steam suite on PSN wont work either.

Persistantthug3426d ago

But even treacherous turncoats can speak truth, I guess.


Persistantthug3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Both EA and Konami are allowed to run their own servers and even sell items via their own network.

If said developer can prove they can carry the infrastructure responsibly, Sony will grant the latitude to do so.

Valve is such a developer, and that's why a version of STEAM is going to the PS3, and why I'm expecting to play side by side with PC gamers.

Its gonna be fun. :)

chazjamie3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

valve has a strange effect on ps3 fans. this is the pc field, totally different story (games).

but hey, i bet you the people who owned a ps2 never even heard of steam. i am glad you guys think gabe is part of the sony team. what an asset to have, but did you even care about valve and their accomplishments before they started showing 360 love. no (i assume). i dont really care about what they have to say about live or psn, as long as they can produce games without complaining (like most developers), then i am cool with them.

every time gabe speaks, its usually a comment that sounds one sided. he knows what his doing. but why would he say such shit? oh yes because he can. he can create fanboy wars.

ryuzu3425d ago

I see you've got a lot of opinions about PS2 owners there.

Gamers game wherever the games are.... Save the PS2 hate for an appropriate thread...


poopface13425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Half life 1 is my favorite game. But I play all of valves games on my PC.

But its funny to see the huge shift here, now people respect valve. Whic I think is good as they are one of my favorite devs, and they made my favorite game.

Still all gabe is doing is talking. I havent seen them produce anything for my PS3 or 360 that would make me play one of their games on the consoles instead of my 5 year old PC. Part of that is for dedicated servers, which the clan im in has.

I think portal with move would be them actually doing something using consoles. Splitscreen in=s another thing I think they should keep doing for consoles.

Lich1203425d ago

Lets also point out that Gabe != Valve. There is much more to any one company than a single person. Valve is great (in my opinion), Gabe is kinda a loud mouth but Im sure hes great at what he does.

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MegaMohsi3426d ago

Because they have the OPTION to pay for PSN+, they still get all the online features for FREE, most importantly being online play and free downloads of title updates and DLC that is free.

Cueil3426d ago

That doesn't change the fact that PSN is still the lesser service and that Valve wouldn't put their stuff on the service until they could use their own service

Persistantthug3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Pass the pepper please.


MegaMohsi3426d ago

and your point? The FACT is it's still coming to PSN and it will be free as opposed to XBL where you'll be paying $60 a year for the same content.

jessupj3424d ago

You're fulling yourself if you think PSN is a lesser server. I have one word for you... dedicated servers. It doesn't matter how many feature XBL gets it's always going to be an inferior service as long as it barely has any dedicated servers. Only 360 fanboys that are uneducated about the benifits of dedicated servers would disagree.

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raWfodog3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

-double post-

Jazz41083426d ago

The double chin I mean talk is amusing but the way I see it he is pissing off all the people he hopes to sell too. Ps3 people should hate him for everything he said about the ps3 in the past and now he's talking smack about the 360. How about no one buy his games unless you support thee pc. What a jerk and just says what will make him popular at the time and feed his family.

LiquifiedArt3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

His first comments were unfounded and simply from a "lower userbase, hard to program for" point of view.


This is different. He has never liked XBL. M$ has constantly been a thorn in the side of the PC devs who like to reward their userbase with updates and free content, while psn is more open to the idea.

Just look at the games on both platforms.

Seeing a game like PJ:EDEN, Heavy Rain, PJ:Monsters, Africa etc... Heck, look at Demon Souls. Sony was like "We dont think this is gonna do well !!", but they didnt stop anything, instead they green lit it and BOOM underground success story.

Those just don't happen on XBox. Sony has the games and the desire to support creative freedoms.

gamingdroid3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I remember when MW2 came out and everyone and their mother on this site complained it was buggy and should have been patched before release. Then I read this here:

"It's like a bug. If you fix a bug before it ever ships, it's pretty cheap. If you ship it and then fix it, it's really expensive. Those ones are really bad."

All of a sudden, it is now bad to expect your software developers to make as much of a bug free software as possible and encourage perpetual patching like on PC. Go figure!

FACTUAL evidence3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

XBL is unstable. Laggy sub-par online service which you pay 60$ a year. I still don't see what makes XBL better than PSN. PSN started to get demos and games before XBL, and it's a paid service. Overrated at that.

XBL was probably the pinnacle of online gaming about a year and a half ago. Truley it isn't nothing better than PSN/STEAM. Can someone please tell me 5 things that XBL is worth 60$ for besides playing online, because that's the only service that charges to play online.

Fanboys will continue to justify XBL like it's 2008. In reality it's not superior. Well all know that it's over priced, and the only reason fanboys say it's superior is because XGC, that's PDU(pretty dam useless). Fanboys will continue to support MS, and say the service is superior. They all know the only thing making it seem "ok" is XGC, which most ps3 user won't use anyway.

Don't go saying no one has mics, simply not true. It's not 08 anymore, netflix doesn't make a superior online service.

crzyjackbauer3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Yet you still pay $50 for PSN+ when online is free whats your point?

Redgehammer3426d ago

its worth it because I enjoy it.
its worth it because i don't like Sony products
its worth it because I will be getting 4 Gold Memberships for 99 for my sons and I.
its worth it because MS actually tries to deal with cheaters, glitchers.
its worth it because it is integral to the playtime I have with my sons.

Value is a subjective argument. What one person may find valuable, someone else may deem as worthless, and that's just the way it is.

when I was a teen we would argue over the Comodore versus Tandy on the local BBS's, and its funny to me 26 years later that the same vociferous arguments, just with different products, are still ongoing.

IneedWeed3425d ago

@crzyjackbauer and Yet you still pay $60 for XBL Gold when online is free, what's your point? O wait M$ forces you to pay $60 for XBL or else you can't play online, which is some games strongest part.

frelyler3422d ago

yeah if you so choose, otherwise I still get demos and pay nothing, some people really are not smart.

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DigitalAnalog3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

PS3 being the former and the latter for the 360.

-End statement

r1sh123426d ago

"the tides have turned"
I bet your were up in arms when he said the ps3 was crap.
This is him just jumping 'ships', so show his loyalty to the other side.
To be fair, ive seen many games get regular fix updates.
Its only expensive to do the fixes after release because they have to spend time looking over the code etc...
Its time consuming, so paying the programmers to do that is costly.
Rather than paying the programmers to create DLC etc...

timmyrulz3426d ago

Nice Twist on the headline - Who ever submitted the article needs to work for a national newspaper
He states that his companies approach to Live was a train wreck, not xbox live

8thnightvolley3426d ago

this fat dude is really just an asslicker... i bet u if ms was to do something he will turn around and chat shyt bout the ps3 in an instant... what a loco

chazjamie3426d ago

he starts wars way too easily. it is suspicious. just wish it would stop.

his the dad, sony and ms are his kids. i bet you, if nintendo payed him, nintendo would end up being his favourite kid. and he would have no shame to admit how much the other kids suck.

but you see nintendo dont need valve, and the ps3 needs them? i wonder why sony decided to invest in valve? i bet you something besides steam is going down.

bustamove3426d ago

I can't believe Valve said that.

No, wait, I can. xD

Bloodyghost3426d ago

Until Gabe goes on about the PS3 next year. Just watch...all he caters to is the PC. You buy a Valve game, it has to be the PC version or you pay for DLC thats free.

BannedForNineYears3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Valve > PSN > XBL.
PSHHHHHHHHHHHH, paying for online......That's unacceptable.

BannedForNineYears3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Why?! WHY?!?!?!
Because paying for your internet ANDDDDDDDDDDD to play online is retarded!!!!!

It's like buying bread and ham, and then having to pay more to prepare a sandwich!!!!!!

BloodyNapkin3426d ago

You are paying for features, not just for online service.

"It's like buying bread and ham, and then having to pay more to prepare a sandwich!!!!!! "

Kinda close

It's like getting the bread and ham for free, then buying the topping's. Instead of being stuck with just the bread and ham. People and stupid analogy's crack me up. Anything to help fit their argument.

BannedForNineYears3426d ago

360s are free? Cool! I didn't know that.

Why o why3426d ago

we're paying to play the online component of the games we've already paid for...Eff the bells and whistles the fundamental thing is online play


we cannot play the online component of the game we've paid for unless we pay MS for xbl

Redgehammer3425d ago

thanks for the answers to my query, even if i disagree.
From1 983 until 2007 I used to play PC games only, and even though it was "free" it was filled with all the elements that make online gaming suck IE: cheater, hackers, glitchers, griefers, and just down right asshats. In my experience MS does a good job of policing its service so those of us interested in fair play, have a better chance of attaining that goal. When I purchased my 360, I had zero intentions of trying out XBL, but there was a free trial in the box so I figured what the hell. Three years later I have not regretted one cent I have spent on my memberships (I can't say that about a few XBLA games). Basicaly , the gaming experience I loved on the PC was streamlined, organized, and handed to me in a nice little package. I will always hold PC gaming special, but XBL is my preferred method of online gaming, and when I try to go back and play my old favs, I am left wanting.
I used to think gaming should be free, but I also looked at my internet connection as a entry fee to the data buffet that exists in cyberspace. Warez, appz, crackz, 0-day and the like were at my fingertips and I drank from the fountain which was FTP until I felt like a glutton; drunk on copyright violations, and tingling with that excitement that only comes from doing something you shouldn't be doing. However, things changed, and I realized; just because you pay for a connection to the internet, does not mean that you have carte blanche to whatever you want because you pay for a subscription to the net. The bottom line is your ISP is providing a service and is getting paid for it, as is MS, if you don't want the service do not pay for it, it really is that simple.

Remember, millions of people play WOW and that has a monthly fee to play online. Should all WOW players be considered idiots or stupid because they choose to pay to play a game that has fees not included in their monthly internet bill?

IneedWeed3425d ago

@ Redgehammer how is forcing us to pay for XBL in order to use a games' free feature acceptable? Wow people who support XBL is retarded. If it had silver being able to play online MP for free and Gold service for the extra features, then that would be OK. Imagine if steam sold us games for full price and it forces us to pay $60 a month in order to play those games online. Even poker sites don't charge us to play poker online.

Redgehammer3425d ago

If someone forced you to buy an xbox 360 and then subsequently intimidated you into paying for XBL, then maybe thats a matter for the police. To say that someone is retarded for liking something you don't shows to me that maybe you have smoked some super dank, and you can't tell the difference between a personal preference, and a mental handicap.

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number473426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Its not even about Xbox Live. The question was asked about updating games/patches over the service. And how Valve assumed it would be more flexible. Its prefaced with a comment about how fixing a bug before it ships is more preferable to fixing one that gets to customers.

"Erik Johnson: Favourite conversation of ours! PS3, so far. The way we’ve dealt with those customers so far, and the product that they have, and the lack of updates on the 360 for TF2 is also a total failure. Those are the ones that sting the worst because…

Doug Lombardi: There’s actual ramifications.

Erik Johnson: Because it got all the way through to customers. It’s like a bug. If you fix a bug before it ever ships, it’s pretty cheap. If you ship it and then fix it, it’s really expensive. Those ones are really bad.

Gabe Newell: That’s why we’re really happy with the current situation with the PS3… We’re solving it now in a way that is going to work for our customers, rather than assuming something is going to emerge later that will allow us to fix this.

PC Gamer: Was the mistake on the Xbox side to think that Microsoft would let you update it more often?

Gabe Newell: We thought that there would be something that would emerge, because we figured it was a sort of untenable… “Oh yeah, we understand that these are the rules now, but it’s such a train wreck that something will have to change.”"

CVG fails at everything. They really do just troll for hits.

I dislike valve/gabes views on the PS3 and wont support their products because of it. Its a slap in the face to the consumer. But, this article is out of context. Totally..

they are off-put by the lack of updates they can do for their titles.

3426d ago
BloodyNapkin3426d ago

The only tides that have turned is from the people that was making fun of Newell and swearing they would never buy nothing from Valve again. But for some reason these Hypocrites love Gabe. 90% of this site is nothing but POS. But really i could give 2 rats @sses what Valve does on any platform, cause i never buy anything they put out anyways.