Trusted Reviews: PlayStation Move Review

Stuart Andrews, TR writes:

Move ups the ante for motion controls with greater accuracy, flexibility and finesse than any rival. That said, the launch games lack the charm and ease-of-play that made the Wii such a blockbuster hit. Move deserves to be a must-have, but it needs stronger games to make that happen.

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MicrocutsX23425d ago

If the reviews keep up, count me in and i'll let my parents give it a try!

Gray-Fox3425d ago

I lol'd at the review site's name :/

darkequitus3425d ago

This is actually a good, very well established site, I have you know. This is no two-bit, I created it yesterday bog.

kharma453425d ago

Yeah TrustedReviews are a great site :)

dazzalfc3425d ago

I agree with the others in that TrustedReviews is nothing short of brilliant. Every purchase i have made, from digital cameras and camcorders to TV's and docking stations, have all been bought because of the reviews on that site, and they have always been massively accurate.

The only problem i have with it, along with other views, is the "but it needs stronger games to make that happen" arguement. Things similar to this could be said about absolutely any product that isn't even out yet.

iamnsuperman3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Overall it is a good site but like every good site the do have bad moments but these are really rare

Gray-Fox3425d ago

Urghh guys, I wasn't bad mouthing the website at all.

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jneul3425d ago

8/10 good score but did they have to compare it to kinect and make things up about kinect how move felt low tech compred to kinect at first before they started playing... honestly

iamnsuperman3425d ago

"Compared to Microsoft’s much-hyped Xbox 360 Kinect, Sony’s PlayStation Move motion controller has always had a slightly low-tech feel"......The statement is stupid... They have been suckered in by the PR from Microsoft because what I have seen from tech demos to actual gameplay kinect doesn't work very well.

8 out of 10 is a good score considering the Sony titles are nothing special at launch

Tommykrem3425d ago

If it's a serious harddware review, then they won't consider how good the line-up is at start. And I think this is.

btk3425d ago

If that is how they feel - then bring on the low tech bro!

3425d ago