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Tecmo’s newly released demo of Gears of W-, err…Quantum Theory was added to the PlayStation Network this past Tuesday. We all know impersonation is a form of flattery, but really Tecmo?

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Kiroe3420d ago

Checked this out on Tuesday. Wow, blatant Gear of War rip. Other than tossing in the chick to help out it is unoriginal.

shysun3419d ago

I wasn't total crap but it is no where close to being as good or looking as good as gears!

HammockGames3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

...then consider Gears flattered. There's no question what game they tried to emulate here. The downside: it's flattery gone to hell in a handbasket.

The difference being that Quantum is just nowhere near the same level of Gears (judging from the demo).

Graphically, meh. Gameplay, meh - especially melee combat. Overall, meh. To me, 3 "mehs" = bargain bin.

I love me some Gears, but this game doesn't look to be anywhere near the same quality. At least it's fall & there's plenty of other good games coming up to pick from.

himdeel3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

...otherwise it's meh. If they can smooth the controls out it could be an average third person shooter nothing more :( The story seemed uninteresting the guns were blah and I was indifferent which one I used. For me for this demo controls just killed this from even being a rental. I deleted it immediately after skipping the little cinema after the boss fight.

FACTUAL evidence3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Omg, this demo was horrid. It felt like the first time i played gears on my 360. Not saying gears is bad, but I don't like it. Anyways, as I started up the QT demo, and finally able to play, I didn't move. I thought to myself, if I start moving and cant mover 360 degrees I'm not going to like this.

I moved the analog in a circle, and he only moved Left, down, right and up. I immediately thought of GeOW. I didn't want to just turn it off and say i didn't play, so I killed my first enemy, got this cool scene when I blew off his head. I moved out of cover feeling like I'm controlling a Hess truck and I died.

The game is a re-skinned gears, like it or not. It was a very horrible experience for me.

liquidxtension3420d ago

Wtf? They are still making this game?

MicrocutsX23420d ago

Yeah and it's still crap as it always seemed like it was.

Chris3993419d ago

Kinda fun, but average across the board (from my impressions of the demo). I thought that they were using the NGS2 engine for this, but I could be wrong. If they were, the game really should have looked better than it did.

Oh, and it might just be in the demo, but the compressed vid cut-scenes were awful. Dante's Inferno did that and it looked like $hit. Note to devs: lots of people have HD tvs now and don't want 480p cut-scenes.

jaidek3419d ago

Yeah, and I think $20 is being generous. :D

Shmotz3419d ago

This is something to get when it's 20$. Not a bad game by far, just nothing outstanding.

talltony3419d ago

Whats the point of playing a game this bad even if it was that cheap?

jmmurillo863419d ago

this game is pretty bad. Baroque art concept is interesting, but everything else is crap, it needs MUCH polishing. Nothing to do with Gears of War.

Sagetech3419d ago

Its like dante's inferno and god of war 3 all over again -_-.

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