Apple Declares War on Nintendo, Sony Over Video Games

Over the course of the past three years, Apple [AAPL 265.95 3.03 (+1.15%) ] has stumbled into a powerful position in the gaming world. The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad were never designed as gaming platforms, but the app explosion that followed opened up the world of mobile gaming —and now the Cupertino-based company seems ready to capitalize on that.

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saint_john_paul_ii3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Apple is not a major player in the games industry. tell them to come back to gamers when they have computers/consoles/portable devices built for gaming, not portable devices that have no buttons for gaming, and have cheapo $2.00 games....

they may have the "most games" as they've said, but look at the games that are available there.

iamnsuperman3428d ago

The might not have fully fledge $20-60 games but there games are good. Its great for unknown developers to get noticed.....The games are good and in my opinion are more beneficial for handheld games because they are cheep, addictive and can pass the time while you wait....Apple saw a hole and jumped in and no matter how many minis Sony launches they will not make a dent....Apple also have the advantage of their Iphone/touch being ipods also which means they will sell and then there apps will be bought.....Its bigger than you think

Cevapi883428d ago

if apple ever came out with a gaming system, it would cost $2000, be one of the most closed off systems out seeing as how apple is very protective of their tech....even so, it would get hacked/jailbroken just like all of their other products...and sadly it would actually sell just like the ipad did and that thing was being called a pc tablet...misinformed consumers, best way to become a millionaire

-Alpha3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Sorry, but Apple's iphone is a gaming device to some extent. Just because it's not primarily a gaming device doesn't mean that the gaming division on the product should be ignored. It's a limited device with its lack of buttons, but just because people here may not like it doesn't mean that it doesn't count. People here don't even count the Wii as a console for this generation yet it clearly has great exclusive games of its own.

And though WE may not accept it, it's clear that there are people who play games on an iphone. Also, the media has openly reviewed iphone games and some have been critically acclaimed. It's not as recognized for its gaming, but it does exist as a medium with a decently supported library.

There are some good Iphone games that were later turned into PS Minis.

Touch screen may be limiting, but there are still some games worth checking out on the iphone.

ChronoJoe3428d ago

Input restricts their games making them inferior, they might do well with some AAA RTS and RPGs though, but they don't have any decent titles like that, that I've seen.

T9X693428d ago

I agree with Cevapi88, Apple is very expensive. I could honestly see Apple pricing a Apple game console (assuming they make one) at no less than $1000. Sony can have some hefty prices sometimes (PS3 launch for example), but Apple takes the cake on that one. Hell one of the keys broke on my GF's Macbook and they wanted $20 just to fix ONE key. Imagine if their console broke, the would want 400-500 just to fix it.

ReservoirDog3163428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I said it before and I'll say it again. There's only one game that actually works perfectly (2D platformer) in the app store.

Only one, Soosiz. It's like Super Mario World mixed with Mario Galaxy. And the controls actually work*. Go try it, there's a demo.

Besides that though? Not very good. At all really. Just puzzle games that get old after 10 minutes. So I would think, from a quality standpoint, they lost this war if they continue this way.

But, I guess we'll just see.


Seriously, try it.

Kaneda3428d ago

PS3 is open system? or Xbox?

dredgewalker3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I game a little on my Ipod but it gets easily tiring. I mostly use it for net browsing, music and porn...its a good device for me but it seriously has issues as a gaming device. As long as there are issues with battery life, space limitations, no buttons, tremendous amount of shovelware and pricing......I won't ever consider Apple serious about gaming. Just leave gaming to the pros.

UnSelf3428d ago

Apple will try and fail miserably

stick to what u do best Apple

Cevapi883427d ago

valve had to force apple's hand to do an upgrade when steam finally came to the mac...the games didnt play as well as they were supposed to be until it finally came out...i know that there is an article on here about when it comes to games/apps Apple is very strict about how what you you can imagine how that would turn out if they came out with a system that had an online service....the PSN allows for freedom....XBL is much more closed off...the whole Gabe Newell fiasco confirms that

pimpmaster3427d ago

the heading is wierd. why would sony be mentioned? the psp is a total flop at this point. 3ds right around the corner and sony hasnt announced anything. seriously, psp sits right next to the ngage and gizmondo.

Cevapi883427d ago

wait 60+ million units sold, and you call that a flop??....based on your dumbass logic that makes both the 360 and PS3 look like the ngage or gizmondo since neither has yet to outsell the PSP....

can you be any dumber...either that or you are a blind fanboy

pimpmaster3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

bububuu 60 million psps sold! bububuuu mgs peace walker! dude just shut up , you know the psp is extinct at this point with the only good games in the past 3 years being MGS and GOW. seriosly i dont care how many sonys sold, if it has no games, it has no games. the psp is the hd-dvd of the portable gaming world, it died out along time ago but only idiot fanboys like you are still not giving up hope. that reminds me.. umd anyone?

Cevapi883427d ago

bububbububububububububububu... .do you see how stupid that looks...and i dont own a psp...idk how you dont see that your logic can be used against basically paralleled the psp with the 360, calling out the umd and saying it has no games...i think you need to shut up, or at least think of something smart to say...and its funny that you say that it has no games and is extinct when it also plays movies/music and has its own store for d/l games....

man you's a definite's amazin' and shit

badz1493427d ago

M$ not a concern? you know, as m$ is in the business as well. or is this another case of American company vs Japan's? but let's be serious here. Apple making console? that thing will cost $1000 with subscription plan + monthly cap!

inveni03427d ago

Every single game on the iPhone/iPad/iPod platform is casual. Every single one of them. There is not a single hardcore game out there--no matter how much they resemble Halo or God of War. The platform just doesn't support a "deep" experience.

pimpmaster3427d ago

@Cevapi88 ok you dont have a psp, but, you just feel like strongly defending a sony console for some reason...why do i even bother

Hideo_Kojima3427d ago

The Helghast's face has more polygons than all of the polygons in all of the gamers in the App Store...

Apple get back to us hardcore gamers when you have a real console.

3427d ago
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mastiffchild3427d ago

Meh, wake me up when their games on their machines don't control like crap or leave my thumbs in the way of the action. You don't even a gaming platform yet Apple so sod off. Don't let me start on their pricing or the relative performance of their's and their competitor's(in EVERY department)tech or the value inherent in either. Bloody con artists have fooled the world with clever marketing and design over content and utility. All fur coat and no panties.

RageAgainstTheMShine3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

The portable devices market seems to have an anti-Microshaft force field.

I can see Steve 'The Master Thief' Ballmer turning dark green with envy and jealous rage!


BTW the Samsung Galaxy S family of smatphones powered by Google Android 2.2 Froyo will knock Apple down from the top spot. I can see it coming! Cant wait for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

But still I am an admirer of Steve Jobs. He is my American Idol. I love what he did to Pixar.

Also I don't mind only a few of us elite gamers including the Japs, enjoy our unpopular PSP games. It give us a sense of being special and uniqueness.

Heh even the 360 can only dream of 60 million units lifetime.

hoops3427d ago

Win Mobile 7 gaming soultion is far better than Apple.
And if Apple has anything to worry about it should be MS in phone mobile gming when Win Mobile 7 hits in one month.
It has full XBL intergration. Cross platform gaming (something Android, Apple does not have or will have anytime soon) Achievements, Avatars. The very same game developers making all those games for Apple (and i am not talking about farting games) are making them for Win Mobile 7.
The emtire Xbox gaming community is looking at this and its getting postive previews.
MS doe snot make the hardware...other companies do so you are not locked in to ONE type of hardware.
The hardware for the phone also ha MINIMUM requirements so its not fragmented.
Apple not only has Androind to worry about and SOny and Nintendo, they have MS also.

Nevers3427d ago

I'm rather looking forward to Windows Phone 7. I haven't found a cell phone game yet that I'd play for any length of time... until I checked out that booth.

Soldierone3427d ago

APPS ARE NOT GAMES. Should I say more? They are counting non-games as game sales, of course thats gonna make bigger numbers. Its like having no laws on retail stores, so Walmart goes out and sells everything for a dollar. Sure its crappy, but WTH its just a dollar, so why not buy it?

Apple whens the last time a game was built for a mac, not PC, and not ported over months later because your computers lack the requirments to be decent to begin with? Yeah thats really competing. Cant wait to see their "console". Apple Station! *month later* Apple Station Nano! *two weeks later* Apple Station Nano 2.0 etc...

gamerzBEreal173427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

How about nintendo, sony declare war on the fact that on almost everyone one of there now "leagally" jailbroken idevices you can play PSX games and N64/NES/SNES Games..

DevastationEve3427d ago

Apple has realy only one thing going for it and that's they seem to be the best at setting trends. It's quite a streak of fortune really that they've been able to launch phones laptops and mp3 players that have sold remarkably well and have been well reviewed. They make everything uniform, that's what they're good at. Which could suit the console world if only they'd pick a side already.

My guess is that they really don't know which side to pick, whether to build an all out elite gaming machine or just an affordable mainstream console. And even still, their success won't be gauranteed. They're gonna need something revolutionary, like how Xbox Live has been so far this gen.

madpuppy3427d ago

HAHAHA!!! Steve Jobs is such an arrogant jerk. doesn't he realize that you need decent, powerful hardware to compete with the Likes of Sony, and classic franchises to compete with Nintendo? even with the blindly foolish Apple faithful I think that they are really going to have to make systems that ARE actually powerful and not just flashy.

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Titanz3428d ago

Believe it or not, they're the new kids on the gaming block.

MechaZain3428d ago

I don't consider Apple in the game (no pun intended) until they release hardware made specifically for playing games.

wicko3428d ago

I wouldn't touch their products even if they did do that.

Stealth20k3428d ago

Apple devices arent gaming handhelds. And apple completely made up the numbers that they are the leader in portables....please....