Kudo: Kinect features “really can’t be done on any other console”

VG247: "Kinect chief Kudo Tsunoda has told VG247 that 360’s incoming motion tech could only work on the Microsoft hardware."

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GWAVE3425d ago

Dear M$,

Instead of just saying it, show us. Kinect has yet to show one single thing that hasn't already been done on Eyetoy, Eye, and that Xbox 360 camera that everyone has conveniently forgotten.

Omega43425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


Show me:
-a driving game like how joy ride is played
-a dancing game which tracks both your hands and feet for real dance move not just dance crap
-3D tracking

All done on the Eyetoy.

hi23425d ago

show me the games,good ones

cossie1233425d ago

forza 4. not been done on eyetoy. dance central not been done , star wars not been done. and theres more to come

Pillville3425d ago


"a driving game like how joy ride is played"
Can't show you one, because no one else is stupid enough to make a racing game with no gas or break petals.

"a dancing game which tracks both your hands and feet for real dance move not just dance crap"
Are you a 12 year old girl? if not, you should not be hyping this. If they made a game about putting on virtual jewelry would you be hyping that too? I mean, no one else has a jewelry game.

"3D tracking"
Correct. This is THE feature Kinect has that no one else has. But I haven't seen it put to good use, or seen a demo showing how precise the 3D tracking is.

Motorola3425d ago

Doesnt the PS eye 3d track the move controller correct me if Im wrong.

Lucreto3425d ago

"a driving game like how joy ride is played"
Thats the game that doesn't work at all. I have seen people play it and there is a problem with turning. I light movement the car doesn't turn and a heavier turn spins the car.

Pillville3425d ago

Yes, the PS eye 3d tracks the move controller.

But I was referring to the camera being able to track everything in 3D on its own. For example, Kinect (in theory) could track a foot kick and know if you kicked forward or backward.
But, I still haven't seen this full 3D tracking put to good use in a Kinect game yet.

sikbeta3425d ago

On-rail crap, waggle-waggle-dancing and stroking virtual cats don't count as real games, so keep up with hype, I want to see the faces of the people when they realize how lame is this "unique" device...

gamingdroid3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

PS Eye is a 2D camera. It can not track in 3D, but the way PS Move works is it tracks the size of the ball on the PS Move wand. The system knows the physical size of the glowing ball and hence can determine your distance based on it's size. The further away you are, the smaller the ball will appear to the camera.

PS Move's ability to track in the depth (i.e. 3rd dimension) is about 1 cm increments, close to around one third to to half an inch.

Kinect works by getting a topography map if you will of the entire room (or whatever is visible to Kinect). From then it is all software to try and figure out what is what. The software part is the most difficult part of the technology.

Redempteur3425d ago

3D tracking ???
ROFL we haven't even seen a tech demo using it ...

thankfully M$ were so happy to show me xbox play , xbox pause and xbox rewind such powerfull features !! Thank god /s

Bigpappy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Then Sony needs to re-release those Eyetoy games, next week with the move, to show up M$ as a bunch of copier with nothing new.

But they will not because, they cant! The closes thing they have to a Kinect game is "Kung-fu Live". To be frank and honest, that game sucks Monkey Balls. It is a 2D side stroller, where you fight from side to side, all the while trying to peep at the TV over your shoulder. Lights out with the move is the best bet for comparison, and that uses the Move and you can not use your legs. So it seems to me Kudo is right.

Show me the games:
Sonic Rider (where you throw projectile at those ahead of you)

Kinect sports (boxing, bowling and vollyball. All played with nothing in your hands)

Dance Central (this and you shap fitness grade you on full body tracking. Not even Kinect version of DDR could be done on PSeye)

Joy Ride (where you lean back and forward to do tricks and speed boost, will require the move in your hand to work)

They are just some quick examples. I am sure I missed more, but thats enough.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

He's right these kinds of features can't be reproduced on any other hardware. Only with Kinect and Xbox 360.
look at how empty the MS store is LMAO!

DORMIN3425d ago

Ever wonder what the bottom of bullsh*t looks like...


Montoya3425d ago

Omega is a MS employee. No joke.

T9X693425d ago

I'm not trying to defend Kinect or Omega but seriously, if someone says prove this can do that. Don't reply back with stupid ass comments like "Can't show you one, because no one is stupid enough to make it". People make stupid games all the time, there's tons of them on PSN and XBL. If someone says prove something, fucking do it, or take your "Kinect, fails hehhe" comments else where. If you don't like Kinects games more power to you, don't buy them, that's what I'm doing, but other people will.

Kinect has done stuff the Eyetoy can't and hasn't, it's not a big deal, especially when 99% of people on this site say how shitty it is. I can understand bashing something a few times for not liking it, but seriously I've been hearing the same rehashed comments since E3, and its fucking pathetic.

Pillville3425d ago


You're right, if no one has done it before, it must because they lack innovation and skills.

Surely Sony lacked the skill to make a racing game where you barely control the car, that is why they haven't done it.


Omega's point was that nothing like that had been done before. My point was that there is a good reason for that. Nintendo could have made Mario Kart work by just tilting the wiimote, but they didn't. Guess why they didn't.

TotalPS3Fanboy3425d ago

"Show me:
-a driving game like how joy ride is played"

How about I show you something better? A driving game that's not on rail, and is actually responsive, where you can actually drive, accerate, brake, etc. Games like Burn Out, GT5, NFS, and every other racing game.

"-a dancing game which tracks both your hands and feet for real dance move not just dance crap"

Just go clubbing, dude. Clubbing = $10 to get in. Kinect + Dancing game = $200.

-3D tracking"

PS3 Move does 3D tracking already. And it's very accurate at it.

PS3 Move + 3D HDTV = Ultimate Immersion!!!

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goldensfree3425d ago

“At the end of the day it’s funny to me. Those people really haven’t played with any of the Kinect technology, and I just think that as people see something completely unique that we’re doing on Xbox, not only with the full-body gesture stuff, but with the voice and the human recognition system, those are things that really can’t be done on any other console, or in any other medium.”

fine then show us a game that cant b done on the eye jus one... thought so.

callahan093425d ago

"...but with the voice and the human recognition system, those are things that really can’t be done on any other console, or in any other medium."

Voice and human recognition is completely possible (and already accomplished) with the PSEye. There's YouTube videos. I'm on way out the door so you'll have to find them yourself if you don't believe me. But it's true.

Ilikegames763425d ago

Aaron Greenberg's apprentice. Just a typical MS employee.

Pennywise3425d ago

They are right. Kinect can't be done on any other consoles - BECAUSE THEY REJECTED IT.

Liquid_Ocelot3425d ago

I was about to state the same, Kinect® can't be done on any other console [because they rejected the tech] [oh also, we bought the company/tech.. Because of that too]

BAM, Baby!


mittwaffen3425d ago


Put it this way, I hate Kinect that its only for kids, which is bullshit! It shows microsoft forgetting about the people that made their game division thrive.

Whatever, we'll see it might be cool down the road. Likely not since it'll be tagged a kids toy. Oh well, Microsoft; please hire proper management--its destroying your company.

Parapraxis3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I'm led to believe that Kudo is full-on delusional. Living in his own little dreamworld where he can say whatever he pleases, yet never has to prove his claims.

Unfortunately for him anybody who actually looks critically at Kinect quickly sees not only where he is stretching the truth, but also where he is flat out lying.

UP3425d ago

LoL invisible steering wheel. Kinect=Charades (As of right now anyway)

bjornbear3425d ago


well thats because Kinect isn't on any other console...for one

and secondly.

Yes, everything we've seen so far can be done on other consoles...*looks at eyetoy/pc*

KiLLUMiNATi_893425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Man this guy is sick in his head. It's something wrong with this nutcase. I can tell you this he must be getting paid alot of money to be running he's mouth like this.

Kaneda3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Look at the video before you disagree.. :)

DatNJDom813425d ago

You WIN! Wat a nice a....

MNicholas3425d ago

No other company would allow a dysfunctional control interface on their console and then advertise it using faked video clips of various functions it cannot actually do.

DatNJDom813425d ago

the FAIL feature can't be done on any other console.

By the way the PSeye can't do 3D tracking? hmmmm. So the Move's 3-D tracking isn't really being done???

8thnightvolley3425d ago

ok now this kudo guy i am intrested in the kinect and all but to say this is just pure bs.. come on the was an article a few months ago with guys working on a kinect-like camera and they said its much better than kinect faster and all and they will adopt it to work with 360 ps3 and pc.. that alone does make kinect abit of a ripoff.

likedamaster3425d ago

Microsoft sounds like Sony... stupid.

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ZombieAutopsy3425d ago

eh its the same as Sony saying Uncharted could only be done on Ps3....they own the tech. I'm sure if kinect was made for Ps3 it would work just as well (maybe better if it was programmed around the CELL), but since MS own the tech it won't happen.

Biggest3425d ago

Kinect is USB connected. I'm 100% sure someone will make the drivers necessary to use it on PC. You can use the PSEye on PC and it is one hell of a webcam for that cheap a price.

Troll_Police3425d ago

Remember, Sony AND Nintendo passed on Kinect for a reason.

mrv3213425d ago

These features are...? It'd be nice instead of just saying how amazing it is you'd say why it's AMAZING!

'“It’s not like we bring people working on Sony Move into the Microsoft offices and say, ‘Hey, wouldn’t you like to check out Kinect?’ And, ‘Let’s do some kind of precision test between Move and Kinect.’'



“really can’t be done on any other console”

That's because it's only available for one console. The PS3's processing power could handle 3 Kinects all connected to one PS3 at the same time.

About 99% of Kinects features has nothing to do with the 360 either, it has to do with the cameras built in technology.