Me, you, and the fanboys

Critical Gamer writes: EDITOR’S NOTE: I’d like to remind our readers that Tarquin’s opinions do not necessarily coincide with those of anybody else at Critical Gamer. Tarquin’s views are only guaranteed to represent the views of Tarquin.

Hey look, a disclaimer just for me. Bless ‘em. So, my first article for Critical Gamer attracted a fair amount of attention, both here and at N4G. It’s nice to be noticed – even by sociopathic nerds.

That doesn’t tell the whole story, though. First of all the majority of comments that referred to me directly were somewhat negative. Secondly, most of the comments on N4G didn’t refer to me and, to be honest, most of them didn’t even acknowledge the existence of my article. I had inadvertently set off a mini fanboy war between PS3 and 360 zealots, which seems to be even easier than I had suspected. I repeat the sentiment of my previous article: people are idiots.

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scruffy_bear3423d ago

Can't understand fanboy they defend there console like it's there girlfriend maybe it is, it's sad as there's great games on all 3 consoles and PC

albel_nox3423d ago

Fanboys get downright violent at the slightest insult to their consoles. I play good games no matter what system it is on. I really do feel sorry for those who choose to miss out on the great games on other consoles.

scruffy_bear3423d ago

Total agree it should be about the games not the machine we play them on.

Venatus-Deus3423d ago

Ahhh... but what system do you play your multiplatform titles on?

Cos if it’s different to my choice then that automatically makes you a fanboy /s

Jockie3423d ago

I don't understand fanboy mentality at all, must be a youth thing. I can understand wanting to justify an expensive purchase by perhaps overstating the quality of the product, but the lengths these people go to to convince themselves and others is just bordering on a mental health issue.

If you're happy with the product you have, great. No need to be a dick about it though.

ndibu3423d ago

Other fanboys like pointing and laughing at this every chance they get...
Here come the death threats

jack_burt0n3423d ago

yeah ur one to talk, trolling all the ppl that pay for xbox live.

Venatus-Deus3423d ago


Checks your last few comments...

Good god man, you are flogging the "death threat" joke to the extreme.

And I agree with Jack, you’re a fine one to talk.

ndibu3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Yes I am a fanboy, and calling me one does not shame me at all. Your fanboy rage only fuels me. Why can't you get that?
Its not a joke, its real, its on twitter, death threats are real
@jack, I did not quite understand what you were trying to say about my disgust for xbox live fees. I make no apologies for it and thats no secret

Venatus-Deus3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"Your fanboy rage only fuels me."

There is a whole world outside your bedroom dear fella. My suggestion is that you embrace quickly, before it's too late.

Motorola3423d ago

i fear it is already too late

ChronoJoe3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

What's he supposed to be a fanboy of anyway?

His posts are usually stupid, haven't seen much else though.

UP3423d ago

He likes to bring up the PSjailbreak in every sony related article and defend it when someone talks bad about it. That is why I call him a member of the PSJBDF.

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Cubes3423d ago

Being a PS3 owner I am quite envious of some 360 games like Gears of War. But unfortunately there's not enough room under the TV for an Xbox as well as my PS3 and Wii. I was delighted when I found out Mass Effect 2 was coming to PS3, which I'm sure was enough to set off another fanboy war. Anyone that follows a console like some religious fanatic is simply immature, and they need to chill out. Just enjoy the games people!

wollie3423d ago


I too wish I had the money to game on more than one console but I don't. That doesn't mean that I can't apreciate games on other formats or give praise when its do.

Do I think my console of choice is the best? of course I do that why i bought it!!!! But i'd love to own all three so I could play every great game that comes out.

3423d ago
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