MMGN: Metroid: Other M Review

MMGN: Metroid: Other M is a giant leap forward for Nintendo. They’ve never attempted to introduce a meaningful story into one of their key franchises, and been reluctant to develop their characters with genuine emotion and personality. For the most part, the core gameplay in Other M is fantastic. It combines the good from the 2D and 3D eras of Metroid and injects them with faster action and a more agile Samus. Using nothing but the Wii Remote does limit the controls somewhat and Other M isn’t without its faults. It is unlikely to surpass either Prime or Super Metroid in the hearts of fans, but it’s a good addition to a fantastic series.

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kk13873418d ago

great to see nintendo try to incorporate some story with their key franchises, hope i enjoy the game when i (eventually) get around to picking it up.

superb work!

CatGlue3418d ago

One of the best games out on the wii so far I reckon, does the entire franchaise justice. Great review

Pilkingbod3417d ago

Metroid never disappoints!

Gaetano3417d ago

I guess not exactly what people were hoping for. But 8.0/10 is still a fantastic score. Great review!

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