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NowGamer takes a look at Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, and reviews it on PC...

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StitchJones3429d ago

It's hard to give a game like this a good review when the first one was horrible. They took the same schema and applied it to this game. Now hopefully there will be no more Kane and Lynch... and hopefully they cancel the movie project as well.

TheLeprachaun3429d ago

I hope they don't cancel the movie. The idea behind Kayne and Lynch is great, it's just been horribly executed in the two games. Given a decent chance (new developer etc...) the IP could make a decent name for itself.

FighterJoe3429d ago

They should get back to making Hitman.

chazjamie3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

i was hoping they were going to announce hitman this year, but i dont think they will. nothing at e3 or pax, and they certainly won't announce it at tgs.

i really think its over.

and we left we this trash. to be honest i hope they dont make a new one anymore after seeing this game. if hitman is reduced to a 4-6 hour campaign and multiplayer, then its best it never comes.

dirthurts3429d ago

How can the final game be this bad?
I'll still give it a go when the price is right.

Kakihara3429d ago

Beware ye traveller. Take it from me. I am one of the few people who loved the first game despite it's flaws and loved the demo for the second. I thought, 'they've improved the shooting and the art direction is amazing, what could go wrong??'. Something went wrong, the sequel sucks monkey nuts.

The main reason is that it's nothing more than the demo extended for four hours. You literally do nothing but hide behind cover in the same dull grey environments, popping up to shoot the same enemies until the save symbol appears at the top of the screen. Opening a door to the next section and repeating for four hours. I swear to you that's not hyperbole, I'm not exaggerating for effect, that's literally all you do.

There are maybe thirty seconds of cutscenes in the whole game, most of the 'story' is handled by overdubbed dialogue between the two while you play but don't think of this as Half life 'story told in real time' deal, there are no set pieces you play through and just about all of the dialogue consists of 'We gotta get out of the city' 'we gotta use this tunnel' 'we should take this back alley'.

even when the game ends (trust me I'm not spoiling anything for you) it just ends, no ending scene or anything, you just finish the level and the credits come up. After four hours of doing the same exact thing though that was a relief. Trust me, I loved the first game and the demo and this game felt like a slap in the face, I actually feel insulted that I was sold this piece of shit.

dirthurts3428d ago

My opinion has officially been swayed.