First Lady Michelle Obama recommends Dance Dance Revolution

While her husband is off ruling the country, First Lady Michelle Obama is fighting the battle against childhood obesity – and suggests that videogames might be part of the solution, rather than the problem. (Certain videogames, anyway!)

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Acquiesce3417d ago

her husband snuck off to score some headshots in a session of Modern Warfare 2.

SeanScythe3417d ago

:P Maybe she needs a wii fit to work off her fat ass she's been getting on my tax $.

FragGen3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Actually, obesity and lack of exercise are not tightly coupled. Pretty much all of the recent data has indicated that the idea that exercise is a strict requirement for weight loss is not valid.

Exercise IS correlated with general wellness and endurance but you'd think she'd have enough sense/good enough trainers to properly debrief her on the topic such that she could make an accurate distinction wrt obesity. Or maybe she's being a disingenuous politico.

Acquiesce3417d ago

It's all that fuckin' fatty super-sized fast food shit you got over there. But you wouldn't know, you're always on vacation!