Heavy Rain: Move Edition to contain 45 minutes worth of extra content

Heavy Rain director David Cage has revealed that the upcoming Move Edition of the game will include 45 minutes of extra "video content", suggesting more has been put into the re-release of his 'interactive crime thriller' than simply adding another control scheme.

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3423d ago Replies(4)
xztence3423d ago

Better release that as DLC! D:

Quagmire3423d ago

Agreed. Giving us one chronicle, scrapping the rest, working on move edition, then saying new content available with Move Edition?

Cmon Cage, wtf are you thinking?!

aaron58293423d ago

if he means, 45 minutes of extra content is Taxidermist ?

i'll kill myself..

i sold heavy rain after platinum it.

Motorola3423d ago

I think taxidermist is 10 minutes lol. I played it a while ago, def not 45 minutes but still fun

bjornbear3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

SON OF A......

oh well...wtv, to be fair, I enjoyed HR a LOT but I don't think 45 extra minutes is a big deal.

still a bit WTF =( this is why I hate motion controls all across the board, regardless of console:

like DLC, and DRM, they are being used as a way to f*ck the core consumer in the a$$$$$$

@ aaron5829 - if its the taxidermist than thats fine, I got it for free w special edition =D still my fav "single chapter" of the game, its absolutely amazing =3

DatNJDom813423d ago

Ill bite the bullet and rebuy the game just cause its that good.

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TheLeprachaun3423d ago

Excellent. I love me some Heavy Rain.

Hellsvacancy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

WHAT? i feel robbed, i thought Heavy Rain was gonna get a patch enablin Move, 45 mins of extra video? what about my dlc? "sorry, weve been too busy with Move" BWAH, i wont b buyin Move till after the New Year anyway, round about the time KillZone 3 lands, ill buy Heavy Rain AGAIN then

Edit: Then again, ill probably just rent it

Nihilism3423d ago

45 minutes of trying to get the motion controlls to do what you want them to, ZING!

seinfan3423d ago

Ah, you beat me to it. :)

Bobets3423d ago

like kinect to me.....

Pennywise3423d ago

Where I am from, Zing would imply some sort of wit was applied to your comment. I don't see any...

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bustamove3423d ago

... ._.

If I get Move, I'll rebuy it but that's kinda stupid to be honest.

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The story is too old to be commented.