Halo Reach Tops Amazons ‘Bestsellers in Video Games’ X 4

From the looks of it, Halo: Reach is making its move to be the hugest game this gen for the Xbox 360. Every edition of Halo: Reach has taking the top spots, #1, 2 & 3, on Amazons ‘Bestsellers in Video Games’ list. Not only that, even the Xbox 360 250GB Halo Reach Console Bundle is trailing in at number 4.

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Omega43426d ago

Poor MW2 looks like its record is about to be broken, last time this happened was with Halo 3 and that month the 360 sold half a million in just NA.

T9X693426d ago

I hope Halo Reach shits on MW2 Xbox sales, I hate that damn game so much.

r1sh123426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

yea mw2 was a complete fail, the only reason people still play it on the xbox is because there havent been any games to compete with it on xbox live.
That is about to change once reach is out.
Im taking MW2 back to the store and get some money for it, I usually dont trade in games, but MW2 doesnt deserve to stay in my game collection.

R2D23426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

If there is one thing that all fanboys can agree on is that Bobby Kotic is greedy.

Halo FTW.

big_silky3426d ago

I'm not even much of a Halo fan but I am so psyched for this game.

ndibu3426d ago

Its Halo! Greatest FPS known to man (and aliens), of course its gonna top all 4 spots on Amazon...wait, what?? All top 4 spots are Halo Reach??? Wow!

3426d ago
Cherchez La Ghost3426d ago

I refuse to get wacked by little kids this time around. I'm kicking azz and taking names!!!! LoL!!! I'm jumping straight online for the first week.

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