Halo: Master Chief's Boot Camp

Brian Reed chats about adapting The Fall of Reach to comics and the rise of Master Chief.

Many popular gaming franchises eventually branch out into other forms of media. Microsoft just happened to get an early start with Halo. Shortly after the release of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, a spinoff novel titled Halo: The Fall of Reach was released. This prequel novel detailed the dramatic battle on the planet Reach and the destruction of the UNSC Spartan program.

Since then, many more novels and comics have hit stores that further explore the mythology and universe of Halo. The newest of these projects brings these two worlds together.

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SixZeroFour5067d ago

looking forward to this comic series...master cheifs face finally gets revealed

SixZeroFour5067d ago

sept 15th...just after the release of halo reach


Halo Combat Devolved Coming To Gameboy

Halo is going multiplatform…kind of

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The Next Halo Game Is Being Developed In-House, Contrary To Earlier Reports

The next entry in the Halo franchise is in development in-house at 343 Industries, contrary to earlier reports.

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XiNatsuDragnel5d ago

I see it's good they're developing in-house but question is will it be a good halo game?

RaidenBlack5d ago

Next mainline Halo sequel likely to continue with the in-house slipspace engine (since they invested so much in its development) ...and the Halo 1 Remake likely to be UE5 based one and act as UE based Halo template for future Halo projects

rlow15d ago

Nice to see the truth being reported.

CrimsonWing695d ago

I know this is gonna twist a lot of people's panties, but I'm over Halo. The peak for me was 3 and Reach, after that they've been boring and extremely by the numbers. Infinite was not that great, in my opinion. Was it horrible? Absolutely not. But I'm starting to get the feeling of "if you've played one, you've played them all" ever since 4. My apologies to those I triggered.

anast5d ago

In house AI with independent contractors.

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The importance of audio: How music makes games better

How do composers make the iconic music tracks from games that we love? And just what makes them so memorable?

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purple10183d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Twitter is blowing up right now

All games coming to PlayStation
Next Xbox will have steam
Next Xbox niche and only for “gamers who want it” (it’s a really powerful pc or a steam deck type portable, or both)

83d ago