GameSpy's GRAW 2 preview: Proof that PS3 owners don't need to fear 360 ports any longer?

GameSpy have received a number of emails asking why it is that games appearing on both the 360 and PS3 seem to score higher on the 360, and generally it's because the 360 seems to handle these games a bit better than Sony's machine. In GameSpy's video interview with John Carmack of id Software, the revered co-creator of Doom makes reference to an issue with the PS3's memory as a stumbling block for many developers which could account for this. Fortunately for the burgeoning army of happy PS3 players, however, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 could be one of the first games to serve as proof that poor ports needn't be the norm.

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eLiNeS4083d ago

I am sure it will be close to what the 360 was, maybe better in some aspects and it should since they delayed in shipping it. I never got it even though I want it, just to much on my plate at the time. I will pick it up when it hit $20 or under. I really like the first one. That and COD2 where my favorite launch titles.

If you have GRAW2 for the 360, what did you think of it compared to the first one?

kevoncox4083d ago

Looks like the 360 has all the BREAKS it can handle.

Now that I have made fun of both consoles, lets get serious. This is getting out of hand. It's been almost a year and the only game that could be mustered in the defense of the Ps3 is Oblivion. Not good.
When is this game due out. If Textures aren't on yet, you are looking at atleast another month of development and R&D.

Read this........

Also, the might of Sony's cell processor is clearly evident in the clarity of the video as it streams through Mitchell's Cross-Com

The only improvement is
1) Clarity in video playback....If this surprising dvd vs. BR. This isn't graphics it's playback of compression vs non compressed.

2) A new roll move.

Are you serious. I hope the ps3 continues to sell bad so that another price drop is needed and more users can buy one, which would make more developers send more money on porting / developing games.

Hatchetforce4083d ago

You do not know how old the prview build was that was usewd for the preview.

The game has gone gold.

It isn't just a roll move. There are 14 more maps than the 360 version.

There are 8 new weapons for SP.

At least 1 if not more MP modes.

Quite a few graphical tweaks in the version I saw.

Gizmo_Logix4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )


Do you purposely misread the article in context with the reality of the PS3's hardware? Do we need to show you other games that are build for the PS3 that have NO framerate issues? Or did you miss that completely?

The article is addressing PORTS and game developers that do multiplat games. This is not a hardware issue. This is a dev/time issue.

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paracardium4083d ago

They said it still isn't the finished version they're playing so hold off on those crappy comparisons till it actually released.Looks pretty good to.

hikikimori4083d ago

Well the demo sucks 4ss.

power of Green 4083d ago

Good for you guys Thats too bad the 360 couldn't have all the handi capp attention PS3 gets I mean if this launched first on PS3 and 360 had the extra time it woulds be little better also like Virtual Fighter 5.

Its nice that the game is clearer despite it Chugging along.

AcidRhain4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

haha. exactly.

paracardium4083d ago

It is handicapped(360) it melts at every turn ..the failure rates are beyond a handicap lol.