Microsoft Pulling Out All the Stops to Gain Ground In Japan

TOKYO — Battling its Japanese gaming rivals on their home turf hasn't been easy for Microsoft Corp. Its Xbox 360 game console runs a distant third in sales here behind Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 console and Nintendo Co.'s Wii.

But the Seattle-based company is armed with a new weapon — its new controller-free Kinect game technology — that it hopes will convince Japanese consumers to embrace the Xbox 360.

The company introduced the highly anticipated Kinect to the Japanese media Wednesday, touting its ability to broaden the Xbox's appeal to the entire family.

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Droid Control3423d ago

You stupid ass clowns!

Can't you see Japan doesn't want your sh!t?
Pull out!

supremacy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Isnt this what sony has tried to do with the playstation eye before? Well now they are trying move out, if sony doesnt succeed with the move controller than I highly doubt ms will do so either.

Nintendos success got these two companies scrambling and fightin for a slice of the pie and in their desperation, we got devices that a cost extra to enjoy or b are being push like the second coming of what most likely will turn out into fanboy wars.

Lets face it nintendo has this market tight, and in their hands.

Nothing will change, let alone in japan where its obvious nothing can withstand brand loyalty and colorful franchises.