Fable 3: 7 Minutes of Pure Gameplay Footage

Watch a new seven minutes long gameplay video of Fable 3.

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Silver_Faux3418d ago

Yeh, Im interested in seeing how the co-op works in this game. Need a good 2player co-op rpg, only one i have is Sacred 2 and well....its a hard game to like sometimes, although co-op in that is actually ok.

dragonelite3418d ago

Fable 3 is not a rpg anymore but more in line of a action game.

bjornbear3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )


then again, I never got into fable. feels like an offline WoW, only cool thing are the combat mechanics but, tbh, it does look better than the previous ones (Fable 1 = zzzZzzzZ)

kasasensei3418d ago

A bit of Overlord2 in it I see. Still not interested.


Is that a PC tag I see on the news description? Is Fable 3 coming to PC? I was left waiting for so long for Fable 2 on PC that I stopped following it altogether.

kasasensei3418d ago

Yeah, fable 3 will be available on pc.

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The story is too old to be commented.