Sony PS4: Why Exclusives Still Make A Difference

Throughout gaming history, we have seen the importance of exclusives. Sony themselves are no strangers to exclusive titles. They were the bread and butter of the company while the PS2 was around.

Sony wouldn’t want to rest on their laurels. Microsoft have really stepped it up in this generation, throwing money around at anyone who will take it, and it is paying off too. The 360 is still outselling the PS3, even though the PS3 has some really killer hardware like a BD-ROM in it.

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stonecold33427d ago

series will go on to ps4 metal gear mayend up being on ps4 sony has all there 1st and 2 party studios sony will get suker punch and quantic dreams become one of there party studios in there stable i think final fantasy may come back home exclusive on ps4 . ps3 already out sells 360 in europe , australia new zealand ,japan sony is doing fine they have most of the exclusives cant be played else where on other consoles or even pc gt5 for example ,uncharted microsoft needs to bring more gameas to the party instead of having the same games come out on 360 and pc m$ should had been ready for this gen but they dont have enough 1 and 2 second party games to come out while sony has brought most of there games to the table that was m$ big mistake and most of the games are multi platform m$ should make diffrent exclusive for xbox example halo for 360 and some exclusive for the pc

chazjamie3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

it will always be important. and square was so very very wrong. exclusives will always exist. they just wanted people to agree with them to justify there multi platform choices.

InactiveUser3427d ago

I disagree with the article stating Microsoft has picked it up this generation. They only have 2 new true exclusive IPs this generation with a game that has a 80%+ meta score (and 2 more that are 360/PC for a total of 4). The PS3 has 4 new true exclusive IPs 80%+ meta (and 5 more that are PS3/PSP for a total of 9).

Chris3993427d ago

At the end of this generation, it won't be the multiplats that define one's experience with a particular console - it will be the Halos, Marios and Uncharteds. The multis are just spice on the plate, not the meal itself.

That's my take anyhow.

jetlian3427d ago

so bioshock, portal, vanquish, assassin creed, virtua fighter 5, fight night 3/4, ufc,rage, RDR, etc won't beremembered?! lol

I could go on and on about multy-platforms

dredgewalker3427d ago


I had a lot of fun with many multiplat games but one selling point of a console is a great exclusive game that you can only play with one console. If a game happens to be really great and is only available to a certain console and you really want to play it then you know that you have to purchase that said console if you want to play it. Reason I stuck with the PS brand is because it is currently the only console where I can play MGS, Grand Tourismo, God of War, Uncharted, Demon Souls, Resistane and Little Big Planet. You can't play these games anywhere else but a PS3. Same with the 360 if I want to play Halo, Gears of War, Alan Wake and other great exclusive 360 games that I do not know because I don't have a 360 but I think you get the general idea.

Chris3993427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

No where did I say that multi-plats (that's how it's spelled btw) won't be "remembered", you created that on your own. I said that they aren't the experiences that will DEFINE that console. How can they be, when they're available on another console? Users of both PS3s and 360s can enjoy Bioshock, Fallout, Oblivion, DA and any number of games EQUALLY. It is the exclusives that platform-specific owners will not share. Those games might define the generation, but they will not define a console.

Pay attention.

jetlian3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Say " it won't be the multiplats that define one's experience with a particular console " how the heck can you speak as if you know what DEFINES ones experience?! maybe yours but you can't speak in the general since.

" The multis are just spice on the plate, not the meal itself" again says who. I thought the meal is 90 percent of what you get not 10.

chris look at your original statement "At the end of this generation, it won't be the multiplats that define one's experience with a particular console "

then look at the last comment " Users of both PS3s and 360s can enjoy Bioshock, Fallout, Oblivion, DA and any number of games EQUALLY. It is the exclusives that platform-specific owners will not share. Those games might define the generation, but they will not define a console"

this gen and the consoles are the same thing and you confused yourself!! I think you edited your original comment.

what does a game being on both console have anything to do with defining anything? thats the real point!

Chris3993427d ago

If you look at my words for face value, there is no double-meaning there. You inferred something that I never said.

And yes, there is a difference between a CONSOLE experience and a GENERATIONAL experience. One is mutually exclusive from the other.

Not sure what you're not' understanding. I never, once said that multi-plats wouldn't be remembered.

"that define one's experience with a PARTICULAR CONSOLE". And YES I also wrapped things up by saying "That's my take anyhow", implying that this was ALL my opinion, which you are free to disagree with.

The rest of your ramblings have to do with poor comprehension issues. My original comment was not edited or it would say "EDITED" in the lower corner - that's what happens when you edit comments. Jesus, give it a rest, you just didn't understand what I was saying and that's ok. No harm, no foul, but let it go.

"what does a game being one both console have anything to do with defining anything? thats the real point!"

Go back and read my posts, SLOWLY this time. lol

dredgewalker3427d ago


"Definitive Experience" simply means a product that you can only associate with a specific brand. Its like associating a Big Mac with Mcdonalds or a Corolla with Toyota, you don't see these products with other brands. You can have great multiplat games on any platform and that alone does not make a console unique because the experience can be the same with every other platform......

jetlian3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

And if you defined it as a particular console who say bioshock isn't the defining game on 360... halo or gears my not do it for whoever is playing!!!

Then you say can be experience equally!!!! Hmmm the 360 version run better in most cases so how is that equal? Was PS3 rainbow 6 or half life 2 on ps3 anywhere near equal? no they weren't

in your first response you classed all systems as a generation. And claimed a multy would not define a particular console. But multys aren't all the same and you can't decide whats a game that defines anything. This gen and all consoles with it are the same. Someone may like COD4r because of wii controls. Same game with different hardware. Same could be said about RE5 with move

And your assuming a person Will play all systems!!! this is the key to why everything your saying is stupid. If you only play a wii what defines this gen could be anything on that !!

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Lombax3427d ago

I have to stop you right there.

Don't know ND very well, do ya?

Trebius3427d ago

you're absolutely right Lombax.

Uncharted Raacing is next.

3sq3427d ago

No, Uncharted 3 first then Uncharted Racing. Always 4 games remember?

nickjkl3427d ago


uncharted series will not goto ps4

uncharted series is ps3s playground just like jak was the ps2s playground as well as crash and the ps1 end of discussion

brazilianbumpincher3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

ps3 has cut the gap to 3 million im confused

exclusives and first party studios are important which is where ms have messed up,ms still have reach and gears 3 which will be two of the biggest games released on any console fanboys will deny it but you cannot deny pre-order sales,gears 3 is a must for me,after playing the shite quantum theory....even more so

shoddy3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

a year head start now too.

fanboy couldn't face the horrible truth.
Or they believe VGchart.

SaberEdge3427d ago

Well, it is true that the 360 has been selling more the past few months. But these kinds of things are always in flux. Sometimes the 360 is selling more, sometimes the PS3 is selling more.

They are both doing good, which is what is important.

thief3427d ago

We are not talking about the number of defective xbox consoles here

hot-sauce3427d ago

no its 3 million check ur stuff buddy

Chris3993427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

a.) The number of girls that have rebuked his sexual advances.

b.) The number of brain-cells that's he's lost.

c.) How often he's cried, alone, in the dark because Omega4 broke his heart and won't return his calls anymore and Aaron Greenburg just used him for a one-night stand.

d.) All of the above.

I'll just wait to see what the platform holders have to say at TGS. They tend to have a better grasp on their own shipped statistics than VGChartz (which still has the PS2 under-tracked by EIGHT million, not to mention the other console variances).

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N4PS3Fanboys3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

The lowest reported gap ever was 3.6 million, but many analyses showed that Sony clearly overshipped in their last fiscal quarter after supply shortages in the beginning of the year. They sold less units in every region, according to official sources such as NPD and Media Create, yet shipped more units than the previous quarter. The lowest the gap ever reached was 4.6 million. It is now back up to 5.4 million since the 360 Slim's release and strong sales.


Yes, increasing. When you have already sold more than your competitor, and are currently outselling your competitor in virtually every country in the world, then the sales gap between you and your competitor is increasing. Basic mathematics should bring anyone to this conclusion.

FiftyFourPointTwo3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

"They sold less units in every region, according to official sources such as NPD and Media Create"

Including Japan? LOL!
and its hard to believe someone with a username like that.

Words from a troll like you have no meaning to us if you cant provide a link to back up your statement.

jack_burt0n3427d ago

Judging market share with a device that has such a massive failure rate is pretty much impossible.

n4gno3427d ago

It's around 3 millions, perhaps less (microsoft give shipped numbers, nintendo and sony : sold !), and obviously, it will be less in a few months, xbox slim and old cheap xbox have helped to sell a little more than ps3 for the first time since "decade", but it's not endless, ps3 was the favorite console worldwide before : killing xbox on exclusives, best motion controler, 3D, no reason to change that fact this year/2011 and more (don't forget that analyst are claiming in 2010 ps3 to finish first at the end..because of the 10 years lifespan)

Newtype3427d ago

Sony doesn't need those backstabbers from Square...fuck them. Sony has established their own set of games. They don't need Square anymore, Sony should do what is best and sell their stock in Square.

Godmars2903427d ago

Sorry, to qualify as backstabbers Square need to stab someone other than themselves in the back. Make a few notably good titles. Not notably questionable ones.

ndibu3427d ago

Here come the death threats

the_1080p_guy3427d ago

I can see that u are posting the same lame death threat comment on every ps3 articles last couple of days.

The guy who threatened wada might be a looser or butthurt FF fanboy,but what about you?Stealth trolling just to get some can u be any better than that guy??I think u have just set a new low for gaming community in man...

drsnobby3427d ago

Rmember,exclusives alone will not get a company paid.exclusives and multi-plats rakes in the money. 3rd party devs want to get paid,so going multi-plat is the way to go.expect the same next gen.

yewles13427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

"Why Exclusives Still Make A Difference"

*facepalm* If there are more than 1 competing platform, you're most likely going to buy the one with the library that appeals to you the most. And if you're a multi-platform owner, why would want to own two or more different platforms with the exact same library, if the case would ever become a reality?

Zeal0t3427d ago

This is by far the smartest comment here! +1

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