Awful Video Game Slogans

GameInformer: "Gaming history is swollen with publisher feuds, lewd advertising, and stupid slogans. We've collected some of the worst video game slogans to ever flash before gamers' eyes. Some are immediately groan-inducing, while others make you wish you were a fly on the wall at marketing brainstorm sessions. No matter the year, the publisher, or the system, there have always been awful slogans."

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ingiomar3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Jump in and You are the Controller

Are not that bad when you compare it to ''U R NOT E''

and that baby commercial was sick :S

InactiveUser3417d ago

The baby commercial is legendary.. one of my favorites, if not my favorite PS3 commercial.

It's just too deep in meaning for most to understand I guess.

big_silky3417d ago

Play B3yond. Beyond what, third place?

InactiveUser3417d ago

I think it means beyond 3rd grade.. somewhere you haven't reached yet obviously.

Quagmire3417d ago

"Touching is good"

"The more you play it, the harder it gets"

"Get N or get out"

One would think these were slogans for Viagra or something.