Official Gran Turismo 5 Steering Wheels Revealed

With Gran Turismo 5 launching this November on the PlayStation 3, the official steering wheel for the game has been announced today.

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ShadyDevil3424d ago

Looks sexy..but kinda like the Prologue one.

Lou-Cipher3424d ago

Can anyone explain how these Wheels are any different from the current Driving Force GT & the current G27?

I have been waiting on picking up a G27 because I figured that they would do a Gran Turismo themed G27, but I dont know how these wheels differ from the current wheels that have been on sale for over a year now.

badz1493424d ago

that G27 is the best for GT5! this official one is more like a more affordable solution for gamers but if you have the money, obviously G27 or even G25 is better as they cost more and the shift is more realistic. this one still uses the up and down shift right? and it doesn't have the clutch if I'm not mistaken

LordStig3424d ago

that little red dial on the GT wheel lets you change the settings of the car in real time, that's the one i have. it doesn't have a clutch or an H style gearbox like the g27, it has flappy padels and a sequential gearbox.

DERKADER3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

These wheels have been out for a long time. The Driving Force GT is what they Demo the game with and is the officially branded Gran Turismo wheel.

Bodster3424d ago

I bought the Driving Force GT Wheel for £80 about a month ago, really happy with it and cant wait to try F1 2010 and GT5 on it :)

barom3424d ago

This article is total bs and the wheels have been out for a LONG time. Not to mention the pictures are of the Driving Force GT and G27.

Wrong information all over the place. Please vote down the site.

Ilikegames763424d ago

G25 so I'm good to go. If you're saving money for the game, go with the cheapest wheel. But if you want a more realistic driving experience, get yourself a G27 or G25 if it's available.

aaron58293424d ago

really wish i can afford the official wheel...

with that said,i'm happy with my DFGT

Bobbykotickrulesz3424d ago

G25 or G27?

Which is better? I'm planning on buying one somewhere online and i figured the G27 was the best? GT5 and a badass wheel is going to molest my social life just like Quagmire molests unsuspecting women.

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The_Beast3424d ago

<3 stick shift. is it just a up and down movement or 6 speed changer?(
for the gt5 wheel)

barom3424d ago

For the Driving Force GT (Gran Turismo branded wheel) the shifting is up and down.

aaron58293424d ago

dont forget that the "paddle shifter" is not really good. It's a damn button. So it's really hard to change gears up and down for an F1 game. In circuits like monaco, you'll have a hard time.

Whereas, the G25/27 paddles feels like the real thing.

So, if ya got the money... get the 25/27.

I have the DFGT wheel though.

barom3424d ago

As a guy who's not a huge fan of Driving games. I found Driving Force GT to be extremely good. The materials feels good and the wheel feels good. I do wish the gear shifting had the 6 shift box but it's not that big of a deal to me. I did buy mine on craigslist for 40$ though so i guess it's much easier for me to justify the faults.

ian723424d ago

I got this GT wheel and its great for all driving games. I got it just after prologue came out and it works brilliant, also well made with great force feedback. I was suprised how good it was when it first arrived from Amazon and only cost £60.
The games I have used the GT wheel with are: GT5p, F1 CE, Ferrari challenge, Supercar Challenge, Midnight Club LA, NFS Prostreet, NFS Shift, DIRT, DIRT2 and GRID. It works great with all those games. Can't wait to try it out with GT5, F12010 and hopefully the new NFS will use it.
I would recommend this wheel to anyone who wants to make their driving games better to play. I wont go back to using a pad on driving games now.

zireno3424d ago

well, now I know what I'll give myself for christmas :)!!

Sitdown3424d ago

somebody else will be getting me for CHRISTmas.

Projekt7tuning3424d ago

I want the G27 Racing Wheel with everything. So I've devised a plan to put a Ruffie in my wife's soda wile were shopping at best buy. That way spending $300 on a controller will seem logical to her. Also when she wakes up, I will convince her she was the one who bought it for our computer and PS3. I just merely agreed with her. Now I just have to find someone who still sells Ruffies. LOL. I think they stopped being popular in the late 90s to early 2000s. Not sure.
The plan is solid and the plan is fool proof.... LOL

The sad reality will be me begging my wife, and trying to find a valid reason to spend the money. Reality sucks. Back to the Ruffies. LOL

ingiomar3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Too bad the 360 doesn't have ultra realistic steering wheels like this one.

well this one doesn't look bad


lol calm down it wasn't my intention i just found it
myself.. it's just a coincidence

T9X693424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Ummm yea they do

Do some research next time

EDIT: Way to go on the quick edit using the same link I just posted.

lol if you say so.

@gamerzBEreal17 - I would never buy it, but this one is pretty sick.

I like that one better than the GT5 steering wheel, its made by the same company to.


It's obvious G25 is better than Driving Force GT, it's supposed to be, it costs a lot more and have other features. The thing which makes DFGT a different is that orange/red dial that change assets of your car on the go, only in GT games (as far as I know) and that is exactly what it's supposed to be, a wheel designed to take most of Gran Tursimo, not to be the best wheel on the market for every game around.

But the 911S don't compare to G25/G27 level of finishing. It's a great wheel too, full of features, and it has about as good pedals in the Clubsport version, but the thing uses a lot more cheap materials, it's kinda noisy like a cheap wheel in some places (specially gear stick), the material covering the wheel itself was supposed to be Porshe quality leather but looks more like rubber, the gear stick looks like the crap you would expect in a Citroen C3... G25 has metal wheel with leather over it, it don't feel like a toy wheel at all, the gear stick is a lot more rigid and better positioned. 911S is really good as a controller, but G25 make you desire your car's wheel could be just like that.

The only thing 911S has over G25/G27 is the abillity to plug to 360, which I believe Logitech will probably add to their next itteration (I really believed, when they announced G27, they would support 360 too), but if you don't own a 360 or don't play racing games in it, G25/G27 is a no brainer.

Boody-Bandit3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Reason I ask is you ended your response with the only thing the 911 S has over the G27 is the ability to use it on the XBox 360. I have a G27 and owned a G25 2 years back. The 911 S offers a lot more then just the ability to use it on your 360. It offers on the fly adjustability so you don't have to worry whether or not the developer gave you enough options to use you wheel to it's fullest.

I agree with some of your points about it's build quality but the 911 S wheel itself is thicker and larger wheel than the G27. I definitiely prefer it to the G27 in that regard but then again you can mod the G27 to use an actual car wheel but it's not a cheap mod.

The Fanatec Clubsport pedals are significant step up from the G27 and also give you the ability to tweak them to your liking and they have rumble in them as well. <- The game has to support it though. The 911 S shifter does not feel as good as the G27, that I agree, but that is the only area I feel the G27 beats it out. Fanatec is hard at work right now building Clubsport shifter. It should be available shortly after GT5's release. That and they are building a handbrake to go with their wheels.

As far as noise? I have done a lot of head to head comparisons myself and IMO the G27 makes a lot more noise than the Fanatec.

Don't take my word for it. Head over to and check out their comparisons for yourself.

Like I wrote below:
You can adjust the feedback, rumble, linear, dead zone, sensitivity, ABS and drift modes that you can adjust on the fly or save 5 custom settings into memory. The pedals are completely adjustable too.

They are both fine choices but you are selling the 911 S way short on it's performance and adjustability. It offers a lot more to people that play a wide variety of racers. It's more money but it's was more than worth it to me.

nycredude3424d ago


I have the G25, the one pictured in your second link, and it doesn't work with the 360.

gamerzBEreal173424d ago

lol @ both of you that wheel looks so hard to get to the buttons and i dont think that's worth $100 something i wouldnt pay more then $80

Boody-Bandit3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

the buttons are back lit and color cordinated for each console. It's an amazing product and well worth the money if you are really into racing. Especially if you are into racing across all platforms (360, PS3 and a PC rig). You can take calibration to a whole other level on the PC with this wheel.

Boody-Bandit3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I just got done updating it to the 669 drivers.
The flexibility you get with the Fanatec 911 S and GT3 RS is amazing. You can adjust the feedback, rumble, linear, dead zone, sensitivity, ABS and drift modes that you can adjust on the fly or save 5 custom settings into memory. The pedals are completely adjustable too. It's the best racing combo I have ever used. I like it so much I bought a spare. Just incase friends want to go head to head when they visit.

DarkBlood3424d ago

damn if only i didnt have other games beside gt5 to get id get that expensive wheel one oh well controller it is for me :P

aaron58293424d ago

if you really really are a GT fan, or a racing fan in general... it's really good to get a wheel...

i hesitated at first.. but i bit the bullet, and went ahead and purchased a wheel, ONLY for GT5:P ... never turned back... any racing games, i'll use a wheel, whether on my ps3 or my pc.