THQ reveals most of the Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 roster, more reveals still to come

PS3 Attitude: The Gamespot roster reveal is actually not the complete list. 14 WWE Superstars have not been announced yet and they aren’t DLC either.

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SexyPrawns2961d ago

Why have the 3 Ninjas not been in a wrestling game yet? They made an entire movie with Hulk Hogan. Can we get a wrestling game?

dosgrtr2961d ago

why is bret hart not in the game as the other wrestlers,why make him a pre-order bonus or anything?

CrIpPeN2961d ago

I think I am one of those guys now that have stopped buying wrestling games. Also stopped watching WWE period.

2960d ago
CobraKai2958d ago

Legends are now DLC? F*ck this sh*t!!