MMGN: Skate It iPhone Review

MMGN: Skate It” brings the popular “Skate” franchise to the iPhone after a brief outing on the Nintendo DS, but just how well does it perform on the new mobile device?

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CatGlue4474d ago

Skate is a pretty cool title on 360, but 3/10 on the iphone? that's a shocking job :(

Gaetano4474d ago

Didn't know this was on iPhone. Doesn't look very good.

Pilkingbod4474d ago

A skating game on iPhone? It could've worked.
It's a shame this didn't work out.

jerryhu4474d ago

video review on youtube

kk13874474d ago

touch control would have good potential for this sort of game... wish they incorporated it a bit better..

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