Microsoft Outlines Year End Game Plan

Andriasang: Microsoft gathered the press yesterday (9/8) in central Tokyo for its "Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2010" pre-Tokyo Game Show strategy briefing. The company outlined its year-end release plans and also hinted at more announcements to come at next week's show.

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John Kratos2960d ago

Xbox sucks so freakin bad. I hope that everyone will eventually relise that the xbox is horrible and needs to die. Because it simply is irrelevant and it sucks. Also I hate everyone at Microsoft. They're all awful people. I think I'm going to go and smash a 360 into tiny pieces to make myself feel better. /sarcasm.


that's the same thing that 360 gamers say about the PS3 so run and tell that.

mercsfan2960d ago

i'm guessing he only read the first sentence.

Genesis52959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I'll try not to offend but I probably will. Except for 1 or 2 games(excluding multi plats). That is one hurtin' looking line up

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Dramscus2959d ago

pac mans the most hardcore game coming out for kinect.

spacetattoo2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Japan is a very hard place to capture in terms of american products.
I think kinect will be the way into japan, for some reason they love interactivity and I think this will be there key.

I think this will sell lot hot cakes to the casual and even though hardcore hate it. Look at the wii, most of the people who own them own about 1-5 games but they love it and thats what gets them by.

HARDCORE DOES NOT MATTER< thats what you don't know, now you know.

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ASSASSYN 36o2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Someone find this troll a bridge.

Immortal3212959d ago

lets go where 360's are made, and break the whole entire system, and take back the money they so blindly receive and give it back to the people.

Then tell them to burn it because, they'll probably buy another 360.


Seeing that you're a ps3 fanboy,go smash a 360 and while you're at it go to microsoft say you hate all of them so they can kick your ass and put that move controller where you like it. ( in your A#$ !!!!!!! ) That will make us real gamers feel better . real gamers 4 life

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that guy is using sarcasm to hide behind his troll post.

The real killer2960d ago

You have no sense for humor, but try to defend Microsoft

LoydX-mas2959d ago

It is an American owned company that employs tens of thousands of Americans thereby keeping the money generated by the company worldwide......... IN AMERICA!


I have a ps3 and 360 love both consoles only hate PS3 FANBOYS and there ARMY OF TROLLS .

fear882959d ago

I own all three systems and love all of them equally and it seems that the worst fanboys are 360 fanboys. Second worst are the Sony fanboys and third are the Nintendo fanboys.

I find the 360 fans "facts" too dumb as opinions to be fact. I mean what part of free does not make sense in online multiplayer being a better value.

Sony fans are just arrogant pricks. They know sony is appealing to them but they won't make a single post without letting the world know sony is actually doing their job and making them happy. Woopdee freakin doo. Do we really need ANOTHER REMINDER just what sony is doing right.

Nintendo fans well, there cool. Which is why they are the best fanboys because Nintendo fans are not fanboys. They are just enjoyable to be around.

GusBricker2960d ago

...the Xbox 360 S is sexy.

videogamescliche2960d ago

original xbox had much better first party support.

xbox360 is a joke compared to original xbox in software department.

microsoft need's some real fuckin exclusives new franchises.

beardpapa2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

i want my mechassault. ;-)

edit: a little wider and the kinect would be the same width as that girl's waist!

edit # 2: i hope you really don't have to stand this far to use kinect

but anyway yea, MS give me a new mechassault and it'll be a wish come true for me. Better yet, get the original guys from the old Mechwarrior 1.0/2.0 games back on board and release a true revitalization of the MW universe.

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