X-List: Top Five 3quels

If pleasing fans with sequels is hard, then doing it with 3quels is even harder, and in this episode of X-List, Morgan Webb and Blair Herter count down their top 5 favorites.

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EeJLP-2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Very good list. Of those 5, I'd probably switch the order up a bit, but doesn't really matter. Those are 5 great 3quels.

Not super difficult to understand (sky & spek below)... 3quel as in #3 in the series, as opposed to sequel, the second in a series. No, it's not a word, but doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out what they mean.

I don't really agree with "If pleasing fans with sequels is hard, then doing it with 3quels is even harder" though. I think sequels are usually worse than 3quels, but it all depends.

GTA2 didn't do a whole lot over 1, but then 3 was revolutionary.

Super Mario Bros. 2 (American version), most people hated, at least compared to the original.. it was nothing like the original. It was actually a different game that they substituted Mario characters into. The 'real' Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japanese version) was very similar to the original, just differently designed levels. Then 3 came and it's arguably the best NES game.

Resistance: Fall of Man was a classic. Resistance 2 changed too much and most original fans didn't like it as much. Resistance 3 should learn from the good and the bad of each and 3 should come out good (hopefully).

Metal Gear Solid was a classic, but then some people didn't like MGS2 and playing as Raiden mainly (I didn't mind it personally), but then MGS3 came and the feeling I've gotten is that more people liked it and liked playing as Snake again.

I think a 3quel is easier, because you get to learn from your mistakes. Maybe you made some good moves in the sequel, and maybe you made some horrible moves. In the 3quel, you now truly have an idea of what your fans want.

theroadtoruin2963d ago

never liked mario. i never really cared that much for nintendo made games i guess it just didn't appeal to me even as a kid.

eagle212963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

SMB3 is the truth! They even said quote about SMB3; "if you haven't played it you are NOT a gamer...and if you don't like it you have no soul"..I agree!

Now go play the best damn 2D platformer ever! :)

theroadtoruin2962d ago

like i said, it doesn't appeal to me, its not like i didn't try it, and playing one game doesn't make you a gamer playing a large variety of games does though. a house mom that jumps on the wii fit 10 minutes a day inst a gamer, id much rather play something like Castlevania or Contra. you have your opions, i have mine. end of story.

ActionBastard2963d ago

Something about Blair makes me want to kick him in the nads. He just has this douchey voice and presence.

M-Easy2963d ago

Yeah I can't stand that guy

ThatArtGuy2963d ago

wouldn't it be a second sequel? The first game wouldn't be a sequel. It should be a 2ndquel. (Their horrible mashing rules. Not mine. Stupid words like bromance and frenemies should just die a horrible death, never to be remembered.)

I agree with their picks though. Great games.

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